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Animal communication is the means to connect with and exchange thoughts, feelings and opinions with the animals around us. This mind set Ignites a wiser language that has been hidden beneath the use of the verbal word. Here we explore a natural ability that re-defines a new and fresh view towards animal intelligence and connectivity.The path of the animal communicator is full of wonder and inspiration, engaging us into discovering a deeper insight to who we are and how we can be of genuine help to the animal relationship.


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James French has been teaching animal communication workshops since 2000, with the help of his partner Shelley Slingo they have created the foundation workshop ACT1 and the professional practice ACT2. Helping thousands of people realize their communication ability and supporting those wishing to work as independent insured animal communicators.

Question & Answers

Learning animal communication is much easier than you think! 93% of the meaning of our communication is in non verbal communication. Body language, tone of voice are all created by the feelings that we have. Being more connected to this feeling language is what we can call intuition. Entering into this space brings us back to our true nature. This is a place where we are more peaceful as it requires us to have quieter minds so that we can move our feeling attention outside of our own thinking and connect with animals and other people. Here at Animal Communication Training we have simple and dynamic techniques that are easy to use to create this special place within ourselves. Our programs have practical applications with a focus of being able to understand and help animals on a much deeper level. The by product is that we also get to understand ourselves and the nature of our own thinking and the impact that this can have
Understanding our animals is the key to making positive changes. By giving you the ability to understand their behaviours and physical situations from a different perspective eliminating frustrations. Opening a place where you can teach them and lead them in confidence while building on a trusting relationship. Animal communication advances past this out dated understanding that we need to dominate animals. The idea of being able to teach animals as opposed to tell animals how to be, has a huge impact on the way we live and train them.
For those of you who are working with animals on a healing level, animal communication is an invaluable tool. Working with Reiki for animals or spiritual healing for animals you will know the importance of healing the true cause of the physical or emotional pain. Animal communication can work effectively in helping to find the true cause by understanding what has happened in their past or present environment. It also dramatically enhances the strength of your animal healing session by being able to explain clearly to the animal what the process is, allowing them to be more open and trusting with you.
With many different methods of dog training from conventional to dog whispering, any well meaning animal carer has to be very careful in what techniques they choose. Animal communication has a number of benefits when it comes to training your dog. When we start listening to them they also start listening to us. When you are in a state of frustration or fear with your animal this feeling is being shared between you. So no matter how much you shout, it is going to effect your relationship in a negative way. The dog may do what you are saying but at what price? Animal communication is the starting point! With a good connection of trust you will be able to achieve greatness together! Using Animal Communication in your dog training will create a clearer direction for you both. It will help you distinguish what type of training to work with as the wrong type will just feel wrong! At the same time it will help your connection and create efficiency where the learning is greatly accelerated because you will be working together as a team.
Horses are large animals which makes it easier for people to get frustrated and upset with them because there is a real danger when the horse and the human are not on the same page! It is essential that we have a good connection when horse training. We need the horse to have a close relationship with us so that we can work together as one unit.
Animal communication helps building trust and this will create a space where the horse will listen to us so that we can give him or her the confidence at the right times. Horse whispering and natural horsemanship have started to show a better way of working with horses than some of the old school cruel methods. But we have still a long way to go before we can say that humans and horses are working together in harmony.
Again it has nothing to do with the methods as done in the wrong way horse whispering can be just as bad and cruel. It has to do with your relationship. Animal communication will help you find the right methods that suit both you and your horse and bring it back to the touching caring and dynamic relationship that you both deserve.


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