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annettegardnerI have always been drawn to animals particularly cats but my working life was all about communications, having owned a successful fashion PR company in London for many years. So it came to the time when I decided to combine the two and train as an animal communicator. It is wonderful to be able to connect with animals through their feelings and help people have richer and more fulfilling relationships with their pets.

I have spent over 20 years studying all kinds of alternative beliefs and ways of looking at life, having always been interested in looking beyond what is termed ‘the norm’. I also studied Reiki, crystal and auric healing and then animal communication with James French. Here I found a greater understanding of, not only the world of animals, but of my own inner world and my ability to communicate on a much broader scale than I had learnt so far.

I live in a beautiful peaceful part of the West Sussex countryside, surrounded by rabbits, squirrels, deer, wonderful birds, pheasants, and of course our beautiful animal friends Raj and Shilly who have lived with us for 15 years.

I would love to help you explore your relationship with your pet. I can also help to identify and clear any health or emotional blocks to their well-being as well as being there when the time comes for your pet to move on; this also includes any unanswered questions about an animal that has passed over.

Session price £60 per hour




Mob: 07956 924329

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by Catherine O'Driscoll on Animal Communication Training

"Annette's an excellent communicator, clear direct, open relaxed both friendly and professional. I feel a deeper connection with Bertie and better understanding of his personality as a result."
Fiona Scott MacArthur and Bertie cat.

"Annette quickly assessed that Kendra being a rescue dog was insecure in spite of being a very happy dog. She outlined most of Kendra's anxieties very accurately and she also gave me lots of ideas of how to overcome these which was very helpful indeed."
Nicola Sangwin and Kendra dog.

"Annette had a deep spiritual connection with Lulu and accurately picked up on the physical ailment she is being treated for currently. Annette was able to so easily connect with Lulu and be able to communicate to me the emotional and spiritual sphere of being a cow and being part of a herd. She was confident, calm and very straight to the point. Extremely clear in the way she explains what she was able to communicate with the
animal, and there is a strength in her voice that seems to come from transmitting the truth of what she has interpreted."
Caroline Kim and Lulu the cow.

"Whilst the communication itself might be regarded, by some, as fanciful and 'airy fairy', I felt that Annette isn't actually that kind of person. She was very grounded herself as a communicator, very stable in tone and delivery. She gave confidence that she was very sane and not a 'nutter' (which some people might be classed as with a spiritual communication like that). I enjoyed the session very much and felt uplifted and enriched by it."
Catherine O'Driscoll and Samson dog who passed in 1997.