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Avis Senior: B.H.S.A.I (British Horse Society Assistant Instructor), ACT2 (Animal Communication Practitioner), Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Equine Reiki Master/Animal Practitioner.
I have been around animals, large and small, for most of my life, and have been a qualified teacher of horse riding for many years, with focus on giving the horse the utmost respect and recognition he deserves, rather than the typical teacher/ rider – horse is a dumb tool – mind-set.
At age 17, my first horse Trampus and my Jack Russell terrier, Ricky, seemed to have a special rapport; they adored each other. I was quite envious of their obvious ability to understand each other in a way that went beyond body language and behaviour, and although I seemed to “sense” things, I so wished I was talented with a deeper understanding of my animals. Little did I know that some years later my wish would be granted.
At the beginning of 2012, I found myself on the ACT1 workshop. In November 2012, I proudly qualified as a practitioner. Since then, I have built up my experience in helping carers expand their understanding of their animal’s issues, which can range from behavioural, mental, spiritual and emotional to physical problems. If you feel angry, depressed, worried, or you may be grieving for a loss, your pet may show similar symptoms which are often misinterpreted as “behaviour problems” because you may not realise that your pet is taking on board your negative energy.
Reiki is a wonderful accompaniment I use with animal communication; its natural healing energy can re-instate the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance in both animal and carer. I have assisted carers in locating lost pets, and during the difficult time of an animal’s passing, and bereavement. I work with animals and their carers throughout the UK. My many years equine experience are an advantage when treating horses. I am here to help you in any way I can.

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by John Marchant on Animal Communication Training

I first met Avis when out walking my 4-year-old cocker spaniel Sam. Avis commented on the skin condition he was suffering at the time, a condition I had been battling with for a while, even after taking advice on changing Sam's diet and using special shampoo when bathing him. Sam looked much older than his years and was rarely happy about his walks. He could not stretch like a normal dog. I remarked to Avis that walking Sam was "like dragging a brick", and that he never wags his tail. Avis made no further comments at that time but she did recommend Camrosa cream for his skin condition, which I bought immediately and the results were positive and fast. I must add that Sam was 3 months old when we took him on from a family who no longer wanted him. Sam has always seemed a little withdrawn, grumpy and in his own world; he slept for most of the day and he would appear extremely confused and agitated if his routine was altered in any way.

Avis noticed that not only did he not seem to acknowledge her own greyhound Purdy, he also ignored all other dogs when out walking. Quite honestly, before Avis came along, I was considering giving up on Sam and handing him in to a rescue centre. However, as Avis and I became friends, I noticed subtle changes in Sam. When Avis first told me about Animal Communication and Reiki, I did think she was slightly mad, but the changes in Sam's behaviour and emotional state have been phenomenal. On her first communication with Sam, Avis asked Sam why he didn't like to walk and why he growled for no apparent reason.
The reply was that he didn't like to walk because his sores made it painful and he can't always see where he's going due to the excess skin on his head covering his eyes when he tries to trot along. He growled because he felt frustrated and he just needed someone to hear him. Sam still growls, but it sounds different - no longer threatening; his tail never stops wagging, he can stretch his body, he loves his walks, his fixation is on the wane; he appears to be a happy content dog.

Walking him is becoming a pleasure. Avis continues to get in the present moment with him daily, and I too am becoming adept at the amazing ability I now have. I no longer have any thoughts of abandoning Sam; on the contrary, I now know the importance of communicating with my pets on any level.

John Marchant, South Lincolnshire

by Catherine O'Driscoll on Animal Communication Training

Avis Senior is a truly remarkable animal communicator. I have spoken with many animal communicators through my work, and Avis is particularly gifted. She was 100% accurate.

Avis' communication was immensely helpful, and very touching. There are so many little details that just wouldn't apply to every dog – and she was right in every case. I highly recommend this animal communicator – she's great.

Catherine O'Driscoll

by John Marchant on Animal Communication Training

Avis has also helped my 10 year old cat Ziggy to come to terms with having another dog in the household. He has always been a very friendly cat, but does not like visitors in the house. Not long after Purdy moved in, Ziggy left home for almost a week after I inadvertently let Purdy get too close to him. He had gone AWOL previously, after having visitors stay so I was not unduly worried but on the fourth day, I was concerned. Avis told me she would try to connect with Ziggy. Later that day Avis told me that Ziggy was staying two doors down. Strangely, not an hour later, my neighbour who lived two doors down came to my door to tell me he had just returned from holiday to find Ziggy in his barn.
Avis and I went straight there to find Ziggy huddled up in some straw. He was pleased to see me, but Avis told me he wasn't ready to come home yet. I took him some food, and Avis connected with him daily letting him know that it was ok to come home now, he would be safe. Then on the seventh day, Avis told me that Ziggy was on his way home. Five minutes later, he sauntered through the cat flap, happy to be home. Since then, we've had family gatherings at my house, and Ziggy remains calmly in his bed, taking it in his stride.
Unbelievably, he and Purdy have met again (under close supervision). However, to see an ex racing greyhound and a cat in the same room at ease with each other's presence is something I never dreamed I would see. Ziggy loves being at home now. Avis has shown me that our animals understand everything we say and how our emotions can affect them.
My relationship with both Sam and Ziggy has gone to a much higher level and we have Avis to thank for that.

John Marchant, South Lincolnshire

We bought a little Dartmoor pony who seemed "perfect" but as time passed, although in very little work, she became grumpier and grumpier, didn't wish to be caught and became quite aggressive although we never felt threatened, we had to watch she didn't take advantage of the children. We knew that deep down she was a sweet and gentle pony but had some unresolved issues. We keep all of our animals using natural methods where ever possible, so animal communication and reiki seemed a positive way forwards. Avis has had several sessions with her using both communication and reiki and has uncovered some past fears and stresses that have not previously been dealt with. The pony is now progressing beautifully, she can be caught with ease and looks at us with a happy relaxed expression.
She is very gentle around the children and is now starting lessons with them. We will continue to ask Avis to work with her if any other issue arise

Lin Pilcher, South Lincolnshire

by Lyndsey Smith on Animal Communication Training

My cross bred bitch Kahli recently underwent surgery for a growth in her stomach. I had asked Avis to communicate with Kahli prior to the surgery to let her know what was happening each step of the way. Avis also regularly sent us both distant reiki which I believe helped us both enormously. After the surgery, I was concerned that the vet may have not been able to remove the whole tumour or that there may have been more. So again I asked Avis if she could connect with Kahl to ask how she was and to scan her. Avis advised me that she could not see or feel any negative energies but that my vet would be able to confirm either way.
I felt comfort in the fact that I knew from Avis that Kahli had no detrimental emotional effects after her surgery. Sure enough Kahli was given the all clear, and seems to have a new lease of life. I'm so grateful to Avis for her kindness, compassion and her talent and always being there when I have any concerns about Khali and my horses.

by Lyndsey Smith on Animal Communication Training

I needed to move two elderly stallions who had not been handled for some time, as their pasture had become waterlogged with the weather situation we had been experiencing. One of them had earlier in the year had some damage to his skin and had not been best pleased with being handled for some months: unusual for him, as he had been hand-reared, but certainly at the time, he was unwilling to be touched very much. He had been particularly unwilling to have a head collar put on!
I asked Avis if she would 'have a word' with them, preferably both, as neither have the best eyesight, and I thought there may be cause for concern with walking them to a new field along the main road! Unbeknown to me, on receiving my e-mail request, Avis had communicated with the exuberant one quite quickly to reassure him - I wondered if she had, as he seemed very quiet, and unusually happy to be handled the morning after I'd sent the mail! Just as a precaution I asked her to have a further word on the eve of the move, as although I had vehicles and personnel to assist, I felt that the reactions of the horses would be the key element (head collars, walking on the road, strange person handling - all very stressful and likely to cause behavioural issues).

On the morning of the move all went amazingly well - the horses were quite calm, even the more exuberant one - having not been handled or been out walking on a road for some time (years). I was confident that this was because of the connection that Avis had had with them, as my long experience with horses would suggest to me, logically, that the action of walking two sight-impaired, unhandled stallions, one of whom is rather skittish, to a fresh field would have otherwise been a rather fraught experience.
Thank you Avis for your help with that!

Lyndsey Smith, St Austell Cornwall

Dear Avis

Just thought I would write a quick email to thank you for the wonderful job you did in helping us find Suki. You may or may not remember, we were just about to go on holiday to France and Suki decided to do what can only be called "exploring" when she managed to escape the confines of my parents' house, having been left there for the holiday duration.
Extremely worried that she'd be left outside on her own for 10 days, in an area totally unknown to her, we decided to call on your help to locate her and coax her back into the garden where we had left food and water. We didn't know a service like this existed and were surprised that you'd managed to make contact with her. You managed to communicate with her over the next 10 days and actually succeeded in persuading her to come home in time for our arrival.

We were so worried when we left for our holiday, having searched all around, but with constant updates and conversations over the phone with you, we settled into our holiday in the comfort of knowing that Suki was alive and well, albeit afraid to come out of hiding. I did as you asked and called Suki's name as soon as we returned to my parent's home. Amazingly, she answered.
Thank you so much for your help and we would gladly recommend your service to everyone we know.

Mia, Cambridgeshire