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My own experience of animal communication, with my cat Louis inspired me to become an animal communicator. When Louis was diagnosed with a terminal illness I was devastated and at loss what to do. A friend suggested I enlist the help of an animal communicator. With a desire to help him in whatever way I could I booked a session. 

The communication opened my eyes to something. With a background in science what I experienced challenged my knowledge. Yet both Louis and I benefitted from the communication and I was amazed by the insight and understanding it provided.

Intrigued, I explored the subject further. I practised techniques I read about and was amazed by the results. I knew then I had found my path and that I wanted to become an animal communicator.

Stepping out of my corporate career to become an animal communicator was a big decision, yet instinctively it felt right. For a long time I’d wanted to make a difference in my work, but I hadn’t known the answer. I’d always had a love and appreciation of animals. I worked as a volunteer with the local Cat’s Protection branch and family and friends often sought my advice on cats.

I feel privileged to have been trained by James and Shelley and to have learnt from their wealth of experience and knowledge. Since qualifying I have built up my experience in a wide range of issues. I work with all animals and throughout the UK. I can help with behavioural, emotional and physical problems and in gaining a deeper understanding of your animal. I can also help at the very difficult time of passing or bereavement. 

For examples of animals and people I have helped please see my testimonials. For more information please visit my website to read about animal communication and how I can help.

I look forward to helping you.

Session price £60 per hour





Mob: +44(0)7525 490585

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