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I have been working with empowered healing for many years developing the skill to communicate and heal on this deeper energy level. It is an honour to be able to work with the animal kingdom in this way and to help bridge the gap between the animal and human worlds helping both the animal and the owner.

During this work I am naturally and intuitively guided to the area that requires healing and adapt each individual treatment to suite both the animals and humans needs. I draw on Animal communication/ Reiki healing and when needed other complementary skills. I am also able to call on the many years of equine experience I have had as a coach/instructor/trainer/ competitor which includes traditional training and natural horsemanship to help support any equine treatment or support given

I look forward to working with you. With love, light and best wishes

Session price £60 per hour




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Trudi Dog

I needed help with our dog Trudi. We would like to get her a companion but didnt know how she would react to another dog in the house. Also we have some barking issues when she meets people while we are out walking with her. After talking with Caroline, I can now honestly say i understand my dog a lot more. It has made me want to try and communicate with Trudi myself. I will look at Trudi in a whole new light from now on. May the bond grow ever stronger. Thank you Caroline for helping and answering some of our questions. Hopefully one day we will have another little one to bring us double the love, pleasure and fun. We cant thank you enough. Best Wishes Patricia X

by Christine Green on Animal Communication Training

Josh Section D Cob Moko

Caroline has worked with our other Sction D cob Josh for around nine months, with great results. She has used animal comunication, energy healing and natural horsemanship.

Moko unlike Josh is very highly strung and a bit of a (dare I say it wimp)

Bless him he is a lovable character that needs a lot of reassurance, he will hide behind you if he is unsure of something is in a different place than normal.

We do quite a lot of ridden showing with Moko and he copes with all the noises that go with County shows etc. The main problem for Moko and why we thought we try the Reiki healing with him is that he will not go out of the gate at home or down the lane on his own, not much better in company and it's nothing to do with the traffic.

He gets so wound up he rears and spins and just does not want to leave the yard and gets himself really upset and sweaty. Caroline started the healing with him and after a few sessions he accepted the healing and began to relax.

Caroline then put Moko's bridle on and headed towards the gate, leading him very quietly out of the gate with not a problem. She would walk a few paces with him then stop and pat him talking to him all the time. Each time she felt him hesitate she would ask for one more step forward then stop and pat him; this went on to the end of our short lane.

When she came back into the yard I tried it, the same thing walking a few paces stopping talking to him all the time, we then came back to tack up and try to ride out of the gate.

When I had mounted talking to him giving him reassuring pat, with Caroline by myside we headed towards and out of the gate I was holding my breath waiting for the normal battle to start, not a thing we stopped then walked on with no problem. Back into the yard and this time I was on my own, if he felt as if he was hesitating I would ask for another step forward then let him stop pat him and ask him to walk on. We did this a couple of times and in the end he was relaxed and walks out the yard on his own.

My brother was there at the time and he has seen what Moko can be like leaving the yard and he could not believe the difference in him, my brother is not one for things like healing ans such as he calls it, but even he said aftewards "there must be something to this healing the difference is amazing"

We are carrying on the work with Moko and he has since been down the lane on his own a couple of times and we are working towards being able to hack out with out fearing for my safety.

Once again I owe my thanks and gratitude to Caroline and Peter for the work they have done with Moko