Charlotte Brookes

I have heartfelt appreciation of the natural world and have always been drawn to animals and the wise folk of our land!

Starting as a very small girl who shared her life with a menagerie of animals I have a history of being a caretaker to animals of many types, if fact anything that has life was my family.

My mother was a collector of animals, including horses, birds of different types, domestic pets, monkeys and fish. There was no questioning why my mother chose to surround herself with such an array of different species but I cared for all those beautiful souls physically and my heart went out to every one of them. There is no doubt I took something special away with me too.

5 years ago I decided to start my own business called Rutland Paws to offer animal care and dog walking in my local area. I have had wonderful results. With the right attitude, connection and respect, and with a great deal of observation on a daily basis I started to realise animals truly can communicate with us and it’s very simple.

Training to be a animal communication practitioner has been an amazing discovery and has allowed me to validate this connection and to use the skill with more strength, certainty and accuracy.

One of my passions is to guide people and their pets on this journey and to aid understanding & insight into a more beautifully natural state for humanity and animals. My aim is to guide individuals to a deeper connection and friendship.

Animal communication is a wonderful way to help sway assumption that animals are not without emotion and spirit.

I communicate with all animals with a special interest in horses. Over the years I have come to realise the time that leads to fellowship & friendship between men, horses, dogs, cats and many other species who we come to share conscious time with, can create harmony and wellness far deeper then we can imagine with opportunity of great growth if we learn to listen.

Esoteric by nature, I enjoy developing a feeling state and using heart language. I believe we as humans have stepped too far away from this primitive art, often rejecting our essential nature. Feelings are natural, the key isn’t to stop feeling, it is to start.

I’m very proud to be part of this growing awareness of true animal intelligence and this wonderful worldwide group. Please feel fee to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.




Session price £60 per hour



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