Deborah Seymour

I have a deep connection with nature, animals and Spirit. I’ve had hamsters, cats and dogs and befriended rabbits, horses and other animals along the way. All have developed my understanding and taught me ways in which I can help them.
Titus our family Siamese cat, had a vocal range that left no-one in doubt as to what he wanted at any given time!
Bumble, my characterful Boxer had health issues, but in supporting her, I learnt about herbs and nutrition. I also trained as a healer and work in an intuitive way with people and animals, valuing the peace and harmony it brings. I further trained in Crystal Therapy and especially appreciate the qualities of Lemurian Seed Crystals.
Khali, my German Shepherd, was a nervous rescue but with patience, time and Bach Flower Remedies, she grew in confidence and trust. I later became a Bach Practitioner. After Khali passed away, we maintained a spirit link. This is an
area where animal communication can particularly help, aiding the grieving and physical loss of our animals. When I look into the eyes of a beautiful horse, I really am looking into the window of it’s Soul and this connection with our animals can never be broken.
Sita, another lovely German Shepherd, was very sensitive – picking up my every thought and leading the way to ACT2. Theo, my special Terrier/Hound cross, is my little helper, lying at my feet during communications and Willow, my Cocker Spaniel, just loves it all!
Animal Communication opens hearts and minds and I trust one day that injustices such as animal experimentation, will no longer exist and people and animals will be treated as one. I hope from a place of equality and compassion to help you and your animals in any way I can.
Deborah Seymour THIN CHSVA BFRP

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by Graham Chaplin on Animal Communication Training

Sammy is a rescue Rabbit, and Debs told me accurately things about Sammy that she could not have known unless she had connected with him. After this session, Sammy came forward and kissed me for the first time ever, and allowed me to stroke him, which he never did before. She inspired trust. Professional and friendly, giving clear precise information, she was made for this kind of work, I have trained people in marketing, and recognise a natural communicator when I hear one.

My name is Sophie and Debs did an animal communication with me and my
9yr old Connemara pony Poppy. She was able to tell me things about Poppy
that I found informative and comforting. There were events bought up that I had never told anyone about for example previous dog encounters which distressed Poppy. Debs was able to ask Poppy questions that I had, to try and help me get a better bond with her. She was able to find out why Poppy didn't like her legs being touched, it turned out she is ticklish! I was also worried about Poppy as she regularly suffers from colic and Debs was able to find out that she wasn't in too much pain and how Poppy would benefit from something to help soothe her stomach. The best bit for me was Poppy saying that "I knew you were coming and I waited a long time for you". She enjoys all the fun times we have together and that I bring out her playful side. I never thought I could have a stronger bond with Poppy but thanks to Debs she has bought me and Poppy even closer and I will cherish our time together forever. Thank you Debs. Love Sophie & Poppy xxxx

by Laura Bashford on Animal Communication Training

I agreed to a communication between Debs and my horse Rhys when we were having some training issues, particularly with riding and I was feeling that maybe he wasn't happy. I must admit I was slightly dubious at first, not with the animal communication itself as I have no doubt about that, but with the knowledge that Debs was not a 'horsey' person! She hasn't really spent much time around horses and therefore wouldn't be familiar with the 'horsey' terms that we use and I was unsure if she'd be able to explain what Rhys was meaning with certain things. However, all my doubts and worries were soon dismissed when the communication commenced. . . Debs was thoroughly accurate in her findings and made sure that I understood what Rhys was telling her (even if she didn't!) There were many thoughts that Debs reported from Rhys that no one else would have known of and these were unique things that applied only to us and our relationship. She was very understanding as parts of the communication were quite emotional, due to the love between us and our strong bond. Debs was patient and calm whilst I was snivelling on the phone and also when Rhys was telling her of how he likes green apples and any other interesting (and very important) facts about his life! She did not once make me feel uncomfortable. She helped massively with our training issues, helping me to understand why Rhys acted the ways he did by knowing what he was thinking and feeling about the situations. She tried to the best of her ability to explain to me, everything that he was giving her clearly, so that between us we could be on the same page. I will most definitely be giving Rhys the opportunity to communicate with Debs again, as I feel that it is the best way to confirm that your animal is happy and content with its lifestyle and that you are doing everything you can for your loved one. Chatting to Debs was easy and relaxing. I did not once feel as though I was a customer or using a service, more like having a friendly conversation with a mate from the stables. Debs is a very talented lady, who is genuine, down to earth and most of all friendly and caring. That is what makes her so welcoming and easy to talk too. It was a pleasure to enable myself and Rhys to communicate to a higher level through Debs and I thank her for the information that helped us in so many ways. We always keep in touch with Debs and of course Rhys is always the main talk of the conversation!
Laura Bashford.

by Claire Copping on Animal Communication Training

I originally contacted Debbie to do a communication on a horse I had bought with many behavioural problems called Harry. He would not go into his stable, tie up, load or cope with a farrier without heavy sedation. Debbie's communication was invaluable and gave me a real insight into the reasons he was acting the way he did. Slowly we are tackling his deep rooted fears and he now enters his stable and is not scared to be there and is no longer sedated for the farrier. I do not try to tie him up anymore and we are slowly working on loading. I now have a greater compassion for him and our bond is much stronger for my understanding, I also contacted her to do a communication on my daughters first pony Honey that I had recently bought. She was bought as a lead rein but her behavior when ridden was very flighty and she did a weird hop skip and jump ! Debbie thought she had a sore and tight back from a heavy rider. I had her back checked and worked on by a McTimoney chiropractor who said her spine was in fact twisted and her back muscles were in spasm. Without knowing this I could have kept working her harder thinking she was being naughty. Yet again her communication has been amazing and has helped us. There would be a lot more animals happy if the owners could have an insight into their thoughts. I'd use her again without hesitating and would recommend her to anyone.
Claire Copping.