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emma-aureliaIt is very rewarding to bring animals and their carers closer together, improve their relationships and their lives. I have learnt a form of Reiki to which allows me to understand and resolve problems and issues that can come up during their lives. I work on a very intuitive and intentional level to interpret emotions and physical sensations that an animal chooses to share with me.

I have helped many rescue and domestic dogs, cats and horses to resolve behavioral/emotional and physical issues at the request of owners, chiropractors, dog sitters, and hydrotherapyst in both the UK and France. I deal with a range of issues relating to health, diet, relationships with other animals or humans, aggression, exercise, training/obedience, illness, pre-operative/post -operative care. I also help pet owners in emergencies such as sudden illness/trauma. I can work remotely with a picture or am happy to do home visits within a reasonable distance. Sometimes my work with an animal is on-going and complex depending on their issues or problems.

I have been involved with animals all my life and have always had a special affinity with them, although I did not know it at the time! As a child, I was always rescuing sick animals and nurturing them back to health and I thought that was what everyone did! Over the last 10 years I have worked as a volunteer fosterer/re-homer for rescue dogs, a trustee to an animal charity and I currently work in the veterinary industry and have several rescue dogs of my own.

I find working as an animal communicator hugely rewarding and even though I am qualified, I continue my learning with every communication I do. Working in this way has shown me the animal/human bond is very special and truly unique. I have worked with single animals and multi-pet households. We can learn so much from each other. I look forward to sharing the joy of animal communication with you.

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Land line: 0121 3084753

Mobile: 07817 830018

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Dan Flat coated retriever

Emma Did a communication with my dog, Dan or Dancer. This was very special because it was done after he had been put to sleep.

I recently had to make the heart-breaking decision to have my beautiful flatcoat, Dancer put to sleep. He was such a happy, bouncy boyt with serious and ongoing health issues that were deveoping rapidly. I found it so hard to come to terms with my decision and needed to know via Emma that he was ok. I contacted Emma and gave her a photograph of Dancer to work from. She made a connection with him and what she pased onto me was accurate and very comforting and very emotional also. She related to things which only he and I knew, together with the happy times. We had a really special bond and he helped me through a difficult period in my life. I know he is at peace and in a place of serenity. I would like to thank Emma for helping me through a difficult time and to know thatthe bond with Dancer will never be broken, has been very comforting to me through my grieving process.

Emma has helped my dog Roxy overcome and prepare for a major operation on her leg and assisted her pal Buster in coping with independance and walkies without her as support
I have seen a very thorough insight into my dogs feelings, their likes and dislikes (food orientated and at other times!) and I feel I now know my dogs a lot more as a consequence and feel a lot closer to them
I also know how they feel about their lives with me and although you would always hope they are happy with their lot, it is very rewarding when you hear they are pleased with your time together
Some connections have been upsetting but rest assured it has been for the benefit in the long run.
I know that if my dogs develope issues, as Buster did have with the dog who backs onto my garden, then a short email to Emma followed by a connection with Buster and voila! I know what the issue is and I can put things in place to try and sort the problem
I have no doubt at all that had it not been for Emma then Roxy's trauma with her leg would have been very stressful for the whole family and I will never be able to thank her enough
I have recommended Emma to my friends and one has contacted her regarding her small dog and there have been benefits there also
I know that I will contact Emma whenever I feel that it is necessary from now on and my dogs and I will live fuller lives together due to her gift