Esther Austin

I have been very intuitive from a child.  I am an Intuitive Healer and Intuitive Reader as well as a Stress Management Consultant and Transformational Coach.  I have a passion and heart for working with animals and people and I just love what I do.

I discovered animal communication in the way I knew it then two years ago when I was asked to give an Intuitive Reading to a client who then asked me whether I could intuitively see what was going on with her horse.  She also worked and trained horses.  This was my first real experience of tuning into an animal and it was such a powerful and accurate experience that I decided I needed to visit the horse, where I also did some hands on energy healing and the results were amazing both on a physical and emotional level.  After this connection with this horse, I realised that something very deep and profound had been triggered within me and a passion was born to work with horses.  From this invite I was invited back up to work on several other of this client’s horses.  The healing I facilitated on the horse was much more than that, not only was there a much deeper “spiritual” connection established and a wonderful exchange of energy between us, but also being able to pick up what was going on emotionally, spiritually and physically and being able to relay that to the owner who was then able to do something about it and seeing the effects of the horse receiving the healing was very positive. Another profound thing about working with this horse was the affect and influence this had on the owner who was able to identify and recognise some of their own emotional stuff through the animal which needed resolving/transforming and who I worked with as well

I then had another humbling experience when I visited India in January 2015 where I volunteered at an animal Hospital and Hospice.  Once again the healing that took place within the lives of the animals I worked with, which my intention was to offer  peace, tranquillity, respite from their pain and a sense of acknowledgement and regard was incredibly profound, as many of these animals had been work animals and had been severely abused and neglected.  Therefore to see the physical, emotional and psychological changes within them, within a short space of time was incredibly touching.

I have also had the privilege of working with 24 Polo horses in Barbados and the results once again were incredibly positive, offering peace and calm into an environment that is usually about money winning and being pushed beyond limits in order to win and less about the needs of the horse.

Being an Intuitive Healer, I am very sensitive to feelings and emotions which makes it easy for me to connect.  Yet through doing the Trust Technique and ACT1 and ACT2, I have learned powerful tools and techniques which I have added to my own intuitive capacity in order to work from a deeper place of intention by being able to give  full regard to the animals, which means they receive the best attention at all given times, using techniques that have been tried, tested and proven to bring about and out the absolute best in a situation.  I’ve worked with dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, calves and cows.

I know that animals reflect our souls, they also nurture our souls.  They feel us and in return give so much back.  I have a dog and love him to bits, I know he knows and understands me and I would want any other animal to have the chance to be heard, listened to and felt so that they could lead happier and more fulfilling loving lives and have more trusting and balanced relationships with their owners.

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Esther was very clear and always asked for confirmation. If her interpretation was not clear she tuned in further to the animal and presented the information in another way which was able to give her the confirmation. Esther is a great communicator and makes you feel at ease. She is very professional in her approach and how she conveys the information she receives.

The phone communication was excellent. Esther was very precise with her detail. I was unaware that how my cat Lola felt about her previous owner; however this gave my insight in to how she perceives her current living environment.I was unaware that my cat pays such attention to detail in the day to day life at home with me.

I had such an amazing time talking with you and thank you so much for your time, reading Rudy's feelings and conveying them to me! I am so excited and happy! She knew a lot of things about my life style which only my dog would have known such as I have a clutter in my bathroom and have clothes thrown around in the bedroom. My dog knows I like to cook and enjoy planting. I am going to a vet to tell him about some discomfort he is having with his hip. He seems to be bored and want me to play with him more and need more exercise. I am very happy to know he is happy with me and he cares for me so much and wants to protect me. I will try to slow down!

Esther gave a background of Flash initially on a physical level and then emotional. She brought to light areas of the horse I had been previously unaware at both levels. She was patient and allowed me to share my feelings after her assessment. She enabled me to gain a better understanding and perspective of Flash for which I am grateful.

It was a truly wonderful, spiritual experience for which I'm grateful. I have been involved with horses at a professional level for 26 years and It was the first time I could truly empathize without any guess work. I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity. Thank you.

Oh my god where to begin! Esther was very accurate about the animal's symptoms and then the reasons for them but where it got shockingly interesting was in the intersection of MY psychological and physical problems (i recently was diagnosed with type two diabetes and I'm struggling with the tatters of my career) with those of the animal. Esther went very deep and at length. Both my wife and I were amazed. I personally felt that Esther profoundly RECOGNIZED me through the process and I was several times moved to tears.

We have a lot to think about how to deal with our animals after this.
I hope we can get the trust back from Hope and he’ll feel better soon.
Once again thank you so much for healing not only all the animals but us too.
Hope we can meet you person to person someday soon.