Faye Fletcher

fayeSince childhood I have had a profound love for animals. Throughout my life I have loved and cared for a number of animals and they have all taught me many lessons in life, such as, patience, loyalty and love.Their guidance and love has always been appreciated.

Having qualified in Animal Communication, I am keen to work with this beautiful language of feelings, which not only benefits the owner/keeper but allows the animals in question to have a voice. As a result, a deeper understanding between the two develops, helping them emotionally, physically or spiritually or indeed all three.

Much of my work depends on finding a peaceful state of mind, where only the present moment, the ‘now’ matters. Here, one finds pure feelings of trust and unconditional love.

Session price £60 per hour




Skype: oshmani1

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by Natasha Moore on Animal Communication Training

"It is a moment of trepidation when you agree to get a reading on your animal. Thoughts run through your mind as to what you are supposed to do, will you feel silly asking questions.

Faye dissolved those feelings. From the moment I first spoke with Faye I felt at ease. She has a confident mannerism and is professional yet with a heartening and wonderful warmth to her.

I found it a great way to start the communication by getting an understanding from Faye that she was going to provide some information on our dog and if it didn't seem to match his personality, then we didn't have to continue.
"Wow" she was spot on right at the start and it made me smile as she described our beloved dog so well.

From that point onwards I could ask further questions, feel comfortable in what I asked and Faye provided reassurance on other questions I had about some training tactics.

We adopted our dog and had never known what had happened with his early life and the scarring on his leg. The photo that had been sent to Faye never showed the bad scar on his leg and yet she pinpointed it, and on the correct leg.

I would highly recommend her not just for her ability to be able to provide you with unanswered questions you have on your pet, but because at the end of the communication you feel that you understand your pet just a little bit more. When your pet gives you that look, yep that, "I'm so cute" look, you may just know a little more behind their reason for looking at you that way.

If you have the chance to speak with Faye, I know you will feel the warmth and compassion she has for our very dear and loved pets.