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Animal Communicator, Zoopharmacognosy, Canine Remedial Massage
I have always been more at ease with animals than with people and have been fortunate to share my life with many dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Being very sensitive to animals’ emotions I felt frustrated and sad that many people, some prominent animal ‘trainers’ amongst them didn’t believe animals had emotions. How could I get the messages across in a way that people would understand and take notice of the animals. I already worked as a Canine Remedial Massage Therapist and with Zoopharmacognosy with all animals but something was missing.
I attended an ACT 1 workshop with James and Shelley and the support and encouragement I received led me to taking the plunge and attending the ACT 2 programme. Finally I found what I had been searching for.
Animal Communication opens up greater understanding between the carer and their animals – freeing them to move forward together, and is a privilege to be a part of. It brings me great joy to know that the animals feelings can now be shared and understood by their carers in a completely natural way. Animal communication can also cross the rainbow bridge and connect with passed over animals and can being much comfort with the heart break that the passing of an animal brings… the words of a much missed pet spaniel….it’s not a death, it’s a transition.
I have worked with many rescued animals from major Rescue Centres, I have a Chestnut Mare who has led me into a wonderful new world of Horses from many different backgrounds including racing, dressage and family ‘all rounders.’ I look forward to hearing from you and your animal!

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by From Helen Atkinson FCSP Dip. TP Grad.Dip.Phys. on Animal Communication Training

It is with no hesitation that I recommend Mrs. Gillian Schweizer as a competent animal communicator to whomsoever it concerns. She is caring, honest and reliable in using her rare gift of an ability to receive information from animals. She relays this information to the carer so that the behaviour of the animal can be understood more correctly. Thus, action can then be taken by the handler to alleviate any probelms that may be present. This, of course, may also require the help of anyone else who has responsiblities for the welfare of the animal.
I can verify that she has been able to assist a client mine, most helpfully, by not only reassuring him about the character and state of mind of the dog, but also, identifying and locating a physical discomfort felt by the dog that required the help of a veterinary surgeon to alleviate.
I can also verify that, prior to her consultation session, Gillian Schweizer had no previous knowledge of the dog apart from its name, approximate age, the name of the owner and the fact that it was recently rehomed. For this reason I feel very happy and confident to recommend this practitioner to you.

Lucy. Gillian made her first contact with Lucy within a couple of days of her transter to us (March 2013) the photograph she was given was current. She was only given the breed, gender and estimated age. The sketchy information we had was that given to us by the lady who had arranged her 'rescue'. This was that she was kept tethered in a yard with only a kennel for cover, and that she was transferred to the garage for the night. She appeared to have been fed once and watered once and was left on her own for the remainder of the time. Our information was that she had been kept like this for at least threee winters. We were told that the lady who owned her was suffering from dementia and a compulsive cleaning disorder. Lucy had been banned from the house because of this, being moved from yard to garage with no other contact.
Gillian interpreted Lucy's feelings at this time very accurately - although we did not initially realise how accurately; Lucy described her surroundings, the information fitting well with what we had been told. She said she lived 'outdoors during the day' and described the garage as a 'dark place' she confided that she had no purpose in her life and could not understand why she had been shut away from everyone, wondering what she had done wrong. She complained of pain in her paw. When we first received her she looked absolutely lost and confused, her fear making her quite aggressive. She was limping on her left front paw and licked it almost continuously. In spite of her heavy coat, her ribs and backbone were clearly in evidence.

Gillian's second contact took place a few weeks late on 11/04/13. Lucy confided that she was feeling more comfortable, but was still very confused. She told Gillian that we had recently lost one of our dogs a little while earlier, but still had another. She confided that she was now living indoors and was happier, but she did not know what was happening to her. She still complained about her paw and in addition, was worried about her tummy.

I took her to our vet to ask about the paw and her tummy problems. He couldn't see a problem with the paw but suggested that we worm her. This we did and she indeed had worms, she was also incontinent (cured by medication) The paw situation came and went but the licking decreased and we started to wonder if she had licked out of sheer boredom, however, it started again and I could see that one of her 'knuckles' was inflamed.....back to the vet and he diagnosed an arthritic joint. We gave her a course of medication. Lucy now has no problems with her paw!
Lucy came to us with no information - or worse still - misinformation. The astoundingly accurate detail that was provided by Gillian was absolutely invaluable, enabling us to treat her problems and helping us to understand her frame of mind. I had no prior knowledge of 'animal communication' and would have been very impressed by it at any time, but to obtain this insight at the time when we needed it so badly was nothing short of miraculous.
Well done and grateful thanks to Gillian, whose talent I wholeheatedly commend

Romeo - dog - thank you so much, you nailed him in so many ways! I find it hilarious he mentioned the 'body wash' - I recently started using organic cocoa butter and he comes running into the room - so yup he likes it - too funny! Lovely to have this - thank you most kindly

Kane Collie dog - What a fantastic reading of Kane. this is so accurate - if you don't mind I will send you another photograph in a few weeks to see if he is more confident. thank you forn all you have done, it has been of great help to me and eventually to kane who is the prime concern.

Lily - Dog - passed over. I'm so excited! I'm absolutely convinced you are in contact with Lily, the most striking thing for me is your description of her character - I could almost feel her prescence. Thank you so much

Ellie - horse - passed over - Thank you so much for this - currently crying happy tears - you were spot on, thank you so so much - means such a lot to me - I'm glad she is ok, I miss her loads every day and you are very very good at what you do - thank you

Inca - Horse. This is so right! you have got him spot on. He IS rather a greedy pig and does get jealous of Grace - and oh god he is a bit of a special one!!! thank you so much -