Janine Roebuck

BA honours degree in French Studies, PPRNCM, Usui Reiki Practitioner (level 2), and Fully qualified and insured animal healer (MHAO)
As a small child, blessed with a warm and loving heart, I had an imaginary dog.  My concerned parents took me to the doctor who (bless him) promptly offered it a biscuit!
I now believe that this was no figment of an only child’s imagination but a spirit animal/guide. I have always operated on the spiritual plane and thought everyone else did.
Worms, butterflies, budgies, tortoise, mice, rabbit, baby birds, dogs and horses (think Thelwell) all passed through my chubby fingers, and I currently share my home with 3 Persian cats and Biggles (pictured).  Enough said.
As a profoundly deaf professional Opera Singer, I have always needed to be highly intuitive, and I specialise in freeing beings from the ill effects of emotional blocks and traumas.
Since surviving advanced and aggressive breast cancer, I also seem to be used when it is time for them to pass into spirit. A rare privilege.
James and Shelley pointed out that it is no small coincidence that I am also involved in helping deaf babies and children to find their voices and speak and sing – so it would seem that communication has always played a prominent part in my life.
What greater blessing could there possibly be than that of communicating with our not-so-dumb friends, enabling them to express their true feelings?
I passionately believe that animals have much wisdom to impart to us and that they are willing to teach us if only we will be still and listen.    They know all about ‘being’ versus ‘doing’, and they most certainly know the true meaning of Unconditional Love. If you think I could be of help …please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Session price £60 per hour




Tel: 0207 978 1397
Mob: 07889 139 539

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It was a privilege to have Janine communicate with my beloved Foster and I was left in no doubt it was my boy who was communicating to me. To learn how he misses my cats who have passed over and what he feels is important in his life was an amazing experience. Although we are close, this has made us closer as I now know how he feels about certain things. It was wonderful to be given an insight into his life before he came to me, something an owner of a rescue dog is always curious to know.

Janine was absolutely amazing when I asked her to communicate with an injured fox (Frankie), who visited our garden and who we fed daily. I sent her a photo and a lot of questions to ask Frankie. We wanted to know how his leg had been injured, whether he wanted us to contact Fox Rescue, was he in pain, what might help, would he like a kennel to rest in, was there enough food, were there cubs in his pack and more. Janine was immediately on the case and made contact with Frankie easily. All his answers made sense and the cubs which he proudly talked about started visiting our garden in June. Janine also rang me a week later to say Frankie had appeared in her sleep making a specific request for the chicken wings I was feeding him to be raw and not cooked. Janine helped us a great deal to understand Frankie’s situation and needs and why he and his family felt safe in our garden. She was understanding and compassionate throughout. Thank you so much Janine.

From my first contact with Janine I was struck by her warmth and kindness. She answered all my questions on animal communication with patience and understanding. The communication itself was a revelation. Although I had only requested information on one of my two dogs, being very worried about his health, I was also given wonderful insight into the feelings of my other dog.

This helped me to be more understanding of her needs.
I had absolutely no doubt that the information being communicated was from my dogs. Janine identified and described their behaviour and habits so well and was able to put my mind at rest regarding their health. She also gave healing to both dogs, which was a further reassurance and comfort.
I have no hesitation in recommending Janine to anyone needing deeper
understanding of their pets needs and feelings.

by Diane and Rob on Animal Communication Training

Janine has a great gift and has had an incredible influence on our household. Our 2 cats had suffered severe trauma in their early life and had been in a shelter for over a year. They gradually showed increased trust but 2 years later were still extremely nervous and we had not been able to stroke them.
So imagine how amazed we were when within 30 minutes of meeting the cats, Janine was able to stroke one of them and then helped us with the technique to do this ourselves. By the end of the second visit, both cats were being stroked. We would never have dreamed that either of them would actually get on a lap which is what happened a few weeks later.”