John Brunton

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is John I am an animal communicator and first degree  reiki healer.
I live in the Highlands of Scotland and I have always been surrounded by many different types of animals from wild dear, Highland cattle, golden eagles, wild cats, otters, badgers and many  more and of course our very own domestic animals. I can open my house door  and there is mountains, forests and wonderful scenery such as lochs and glens where lots of these animals live. They are part of my life . Not only have I been fortunate to live with these animals but of course  I have also had my own animals living with me most of my life. My dog shadow who is in the photo with me to my other animals- cats. Horses . chipmunks. Ginney pigs. Hamsters. Rats . rabbits. And many many others have crossed my path. And everyone of them has had a connection with me. An intuitive connection.  It’s something that is just part of me – just inside me always.
I have always had this connection with animals since I can remember. But it was after the passing of my dog and best friend ” Rocky ” a doberman  – that I was drawn to animal communication.  At first it was just to connect with Rocky – but I soon realised that I couldn’t keep this special gift just for us. So I studied and practiced for years to refine my animal communication – I then went on the act2  program to become a professional animal communicator. Where I took exams with panel members who are highly regarded professionals in their field from different animal disciplines – vets. Trainers. Behaviourists.  and animal welfare. and passed with 98% accuracy.
If you would like me to communicate with your animals – whether they have passed over or still with you or maybe lost – and feel I can be a benefit and help please contact me and I will be happy to explain the consultation process.


Session price £60 per hour



Tel: 07933 267067

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