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Digital StillCameraJulia Meads – I am a member of the APDT, Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme, PAT Dogs, Reiki Federation, Reiki Association, Canine Health Concern, EFT AAMET and Soul Purpose.

My name is Julia Meads; I share my life with five dogs, five cats , a pony, two hens and various fish in Wendover, Bucks . I work as a Lady Dog Whisperer, dog trainer and behaviour advisor. I am an Animal Communicator and Healer (Reiki/ EFT). I run my own company- Intuitive Natural Communication with Animals INCA.

I have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the animal/human connection. My purpose is to be able to communicate this and bring the relationship of both humans and their animals closer together. I am a very intuitive and naturally instinctive person and find this coupled with common sense often results in a better understanding and balance of life. Animals appear to teach us much of what we have forgotten in this fast moving world. They also show us the natural cycle of life and the ability to communicate with our animals past and present.

I began to communicate with animals as a small child, as an adult I now find it has given me an empathy with humans and animals alike. I choose to work in a professional frame but hold onto my own deep held compassion. This I feel is the essence of who I am.

I work for the love of animals and I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Session price £60 per hour




Tel: 01296 620079

Mob: 07951 777330

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Twiggy – Lucher x Yorkie 4 yrs old Rescue

“Since we had our consultation with little Twiggy I feel I understand her a lot more and we seem to be even closer together. Her confidence is improving but mainly when I am with, she still gets a bit unsure when she is with my husband. Thank you for all your insights and I shall be consulting you again at a later date. I would recommend anyone to you who feels they need a better understanding of their animal”

Tillie – Working Cocker 2yrs old Rescue

“ After initially feeling very upset that Tillie had had a bad start in life we took your advice and found a lovely lady who is a holistic practitioner and she agreed to come and give reiki a go. I have to say we were a bit sceptical but what a difference!!

She has taken to it really well and is much more relaxed in herself. Tillie makes great eye contact now; in fact her eye colour has changed from being black to dark brown!!

She is cooler all round her body at the points you picked up and she had so many blockages around her neck and solar plexus area which now seem to stay open. The blockage you found around her leg that she has the pins in also now stays open.

We gave her a few goes in the garden playing over the agility jumps, this was fun but when laid out more formally she just refused to go over……..we had a heart to heart and both agreed that if this wasn't what she wanted she wasn't letting anyone down. She turned and looked at me as if to say thanks mum, I will just watch then.

Her zest for life has increased….walks now are fun……playing with the Frisbee is her special game (she is getting to be an excellent catcher) ….she relates to most other dogs positively (she now meets them standing up and not all crouched down) she seems to sense those which aren't friendly!

Lots of doggy people we meet have noticed a huge difference in her so I would just like to say thanks for helping us see into Tillie's mind and helping us put her back together”

Piper 5yrs old Whippet cross dog.

“Thank you so much, Piper is a different dog, we play nicely now, he lets himself relax and be happy on our walks, and has gone from being a sad dog to being a happy dog.

I have done a lot of work with Piper on walks and have put him on his lead when another dog approaches, yesterday, I wasn't quick enough and when I called him to me, he totally disobeyed (which isn't good, but……….) he went off to the other dog, a black lab (his nemesis type) sniffed, with no hackles, the other dog sniffed him and the Piper made a play bow!!!!! I can't tell how that made me feel. His little spurts of “letting go” have become more frequent too and he is more inclined to play with the pack we normally walk with, my friends are amazed, instead of being on the outside of the pack, he is joining in.

We have stopped playing with toys, and just play like dogs now and I suppose that because he is being touched more, he doesn't mind other people touching him, my husband had told a stranger to just be a bit careful with Piper and watched for the tail between his legs, but it didn't happen as she was fussing him!!

While training at the agility club, we are only mega beginners, Piper was so pleased with going through the collapsed tunnel (we thought he wouldn't do it, but he ran right through, before we had a chance to open the other end), he ran over to me, passing an enormous GSD and didn't look twice at it, so brave!!!

Thank you again, this has made a huge noticeable difference to our relationship”