Kate Jones

katejonesKate has had empathy with animals since childhood. She became a Reiki practitioner in 1989 and has always enjoyed giving Reiki to animals as well as people. She is also a Reiki Master and loves enabling people to practice Reiki themselves. She is a Reiki practitioner recognised by The Reiki Association and a member of the Reiki Alliance.

Her interest in giving Reiki to horses first led to a connection with James and on hearing about ACT 1 she could hardly wait to take the course! Kate has always been committed to developing good communication skills and discovered a natural ability for animal communication. A year later she enrolled on the very first ACT 2.

“I have always loved animals of all kinds. As a child I shared my bedroom with a series of rescued animals: a robin, a magpie, a cat and several dogs. This helped me to learn the softness needed to be around them. I always wanted to be able to talk to them and now, thanks to James, I have learned how! I now live with another rescue cat, a dog and 7 hens (and my husband!).

I aim to help make the lives of any animal and the human they interact with better through my role as interpreter for their feelings, experiences and thoughts. I love the different perspective animals have on a situation and when the revelation of this helps to solve a problem it is a true delight!

I have a particular passion for working with horses. As they often pass through many owners, there may be issues they carry from previous experiences that the present owner is unaware of. Horses are emotional creatures but often hide how they feel, so it is easy to underestimate the impact of their experiences.”

Session price £60 per hour




Tel: 01584 890 284

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"I contacted Kate about my horse who had suddenly started walking very slowly around, and was lying down a lot and seemed very depressed. She would usually be dancing around the field and is a very bright and happy horse. The vet was mystified as to what was wrong, and suggested it could be a mild case of laminitis and told me to keep her in her stable all day, which made her more depressed.

Kate connected with my horse, and found that her front hooves were very painful, especially the front left, and also her teeth were sore, especially on the left side of the jaw. The blacksmith confirmed that she had sore hooves, especially the left side, and applied a jel pad and new shoes. The horse dentist also said that she had very sharp teeth on the left side of the mouth and it looked very sore. After being treated by these people, and Kate telling my horse what was going to happen to her beforehand, she has made a complete recovery and is now jumping over fences and is once again dancing around her field. I would certainly reccomend Kate as being a very caring and understanding professional."

"Having a rescue dog is never easy and, whilst the numerous training interventions and strategies that we had tried had improved his behaviour quite considerably, our 7 year old Collie X, Monty was still a fretful and confused little man. Whilst we had an idea about some of the things that had happened to him in his previous life, alot of it had been guess work based on how Monty responded to certain people and situations. Kate was able to give us much greater clarity about his previous home, the relationship he had had with his previous owners and, most importantly, the impact that this was all still having on him. In less than an hour, the conversations we had between Monty and myself, with Kate acting as 'interpreter' were very enlightening. It has helped us so much. Monty's whole demeanour has altered and he is a visibly much more relaxed and happier dog as a result of the animal communication session with Kate. Kate has a great skill not only for communicating with animals, but also with people; she articulates her discoveries extremely well and remains completely objective and non-judgemental when giving and receiving information. This combined with Kate's compassionate nature and love of animals makes her perfect for this type of work."