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For as long as I can remember, my love and empathy for animals has given me a natural perception and sensitivity to the feelings,emotions and needs of animals around me, including waifs and strays I have nursed back to health,my pets and those of other people.
About 12 years ago , my spiritual journey developed my healing and mediumistic skills so that I could help humans and animals on a spiritual level. Becoming an ACT 2 Practitioner  has allowed me to deepen my understanding of animals and their relationships with humans and the world they live in. I am now in an ideal situation to help animals  on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.
Over the last two years I have worked with over 60 cases with cats,dogs, horses  and their owners to address and resolve emotional/physical  issues, often resulting in behavioural/ training and obedience problems . I also help owners  in emergency situation such as sudden illness or trauma and  with the process of an animal passing away and helping to reduce the effects of grief.
Animal Communication  provides a wonderful opportunity to reveal the perspective of an animal, often leading to quick and simple solutions to complex issues/situations and creating harmony and well-being on many levels for owers and their pets/animals. Becoming a practitioner has showed me the role that animals have to play in our lives to help us to learn, develop and grow as individuals. I feel privileged to have an insight into the way animals think and feel and how they view the world they live in.
Take a look at my testimonials to read more about how I have helped animals and their owners  with specific issues. I look forward to working with you shortly.

Session price £60 per hour




Telephone : (01628) 770939
Mobile : o7824567582

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by Rebecca Stevens on Animal Communication Training

I asked Louise to connect with my cat when he had been diagnosed with a long term illness and I was struggling to come to terms with the diagnosis. The initial communication that Louise did was very emotional for me and she handled it in a very sensitive and professional way. It helped us both immensely and gave us the opportunity to share our feelings. It also allowed me to understand how he felt about the medical treatment he was receiving. Louise worked with us for over a year with further communications.

The work was invaluable and helped me see beyond the physical issues that he was facing and opened my eyes to his role in my life. This helped me greatly in coming to terms with the situation and also in my personal development. Louise made the whole process feel very natural. I felt entirely comfortable speaking about very personal and deep emotions with Louise, she was empathetic and non judgemental. Finally when he passed Louise connected with him to see whether he had moved into the light.

I can't thank Louise enough for how she helped us both. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her.