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Feeling drawn to the natural world as a child, I keenly observed the array of animals I was brought up with and felt I had an understanding with them. When I was very small my mother wisely advised me to ‘sit quietly and let the animals come to you’. This helped me to develop the respect I have for animals, allowing them to take the lead in any interaction. I also learnt how to build trust and be sensitive to an animal’s communication, giving me the deep satisfaction of witnessing their full personality blossom.
Over time I became aware of our natural capacity to communicate more deeply with animals. For example, I clearly remember the moment my rabbit companion, Cadders, restrained her desire to enter my flatmate’s room (the forbidden land which she was eternally curious about!). I was giving a friend my full attention but was aware that Cadders was using the opportunity to go where she should not. I responded to this dilemma spontaneously by communicating to Cadders with love and from the heart. She quickly came to sit by my side. 
Such experiences have inspired me to train as an animal communicator and to share my connection to animals with others. I find that I want to show how with a peaceful, still and more present mind we can deeply listen to and commune with animals and their human companions from the heart.
I recognise the important roles that animals play for us as teachers, listeners, entertainers and healers, which is why I wish to support you in discovering your animal’s voice and methods for giving them the best quality of life possible.
Natalie is a Usui Reiki Practitioner and has written a book ‘Rabbit Lover’s Handbook – How to tame a rabbit’.

Session price £60 per hour




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Flash my cat has had a bit of an unsettled childhood, moving from home to home because of situations that were unavoidable and being separated from me for 7 months lead Flash who was a boisterous kitten to become very unsettled and insecure. Sometimes he is not able to tolerate people around him to often resort to swiping and biting people unexpectedly.
He is now much more of a settled and chilled out cat, he enjoys spending time with people, sitting and watching everyone and even sometimes climbing onto peoples laps and sitting on me and sleeping during the night!
He is still has a tendency to be a sultry cat at times who occasionally nips people if he does not know them, or gets too much unwanted attention, but then I suppose he is a teenager!
His personality has definitely come out and we seem to understand each other a lot better now, where as I was at a time worried that we would never have the relationship we had when he was a kitten.
Flash is an extremely intelligent cat who enjoys a lot of attention, but at the same time like us all, requires a lot of his own space. Natalie has definitely helped us to become closer and helped Flash to forgive me for our unavoidable separation from each other….
We also recently had a day where Flash disappeared, 2 evenings he had missed dinner… something that Flash never misses as he is like clockwork for food. On the 2nd evening Natalie said she had a feeling he was a few doors down in a work shop, so we went and knocked on the door, and he was hiding in the attic scared to come out….

by Abigail Wenyon on Animal Communication Training

Natalie was doing her Animal Communication course when I had just got a kitten and realised that I could do with some support. The kitten was starting to become quite aggresive towards us (as kittens are when they are still learning), so I decided the right thing to do was get another kitten.

I'm not always around and wanted them to keep each other company and to take the attention away from our feet! However they did not bond very well and for the most part the new kitten was being bullied. I would like to say at this point that I am quite a cynical person and did not expect such amazing results. Within 1 or 2 half hour sessions of Natalie using Animal Communication and the Trust Technique with the kittens, they were literally cuddling each other. We could have stopped there as the results were lasting but we continued for more weeks and ironed out some more smaller problems. I see so many people re-homing cats because they won't get on with other cats in the household and this would be perfect for them.

I would recommend Natalie to anyone not least because she has such a lovely 'bedside manner' . She is a true Dr Dolittle in the making -anyone who knows animals will recognise the qualities needed to connect with animals, quietness and a willingness to tune into their level. The results with the two kittens were striking and quite miraculous!