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ncphotoeditSince childhood I have had a profound love for animals. Throughout my life I have loved and cared for a number of animals and they have all taught me many lessons in life, such as, patience, loyalty and love.Their guidance and love has always been appreciated.

Having qualified in Animal Communication, I am keen to work with this beautiful language of feelings, which not only benefits the owner/keeper but allows the animals in question to have a voice. As a result, a deeper understanding between the two develops, helping them emotionally, physically or spiritually or indeed all three.

Much of my work depends on finding a peaceful state of mind, where only the present moment, the ‘now’ matters. Here, one finds pure feelings of trust and unconditional love.

Session price £60 per hour




Land line: 07855 256338

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Just over a year ago we collected our gorgeous little Lucas Terrier called Rosie who quickly settled into life on our small holding in Kent. She has been such a biddable little dog and always loves being outdoors going for endless walks but one day when she turned 10 months our daily walks turned into a nightmare. She would pick up a scent, put her head down and run. I would start off calling her name over and over and within about 20 minutes, would be standing in the middle of the field like a hysterical woman yelling, cursing, you name it- I did it and in true terrier style she would give me a quick glance and run in the opposite direction.
A friend, having had similar problems, suggested that I contact Nicola to help resolve Rosies increasing disappearances.
Nicola could not have been more helpful and put my mind at ease that it was something that could be easily corrected. She asked me to send across a photograph of Rosie and that she would create a connection with her, afterwards she called me to discuss what she had found out and to give me some helpful advice as to how to stop Rosie running off. I must admit to being very sceptical on our first outing afterwards but did as Nicola advised and was totally amazed when Rosie stayed close to me and if she did run off and out of sight, I only had to call a couple of times and she came straight back.
I can honestly say that she has not once run off since Nicola came to my rescue and I would whole heartedly recommend Nicola to anyone having similar problems!

I have a beautiful Golden Labrador boy called Tigger who has an incredibly gentle character but suffers from terrible nerves when around 50% of dogs who he meets- he usually runs away, cries or shakes between my legs. I turned to Nicola Corbett for help in healing Tigger and understanding the route of the problem.
Over five sessions Tigger responded beautifully to Nicola's communication. She explained to me that Tigger was responding to my fear and how to deal with it. I clearly followed her instructions and over the course of the next few months I started to see such amazing improvements.
I can genuinely say that Tigger has become a more confident dog and no longer suffers the intensity of fear around other dogs as before. I am still amazed how Tigger responded and am truly grateful.