Patsyann Rose

“Hi, This is me and a wild, crazy, dangerous, angry, ferocious Racehorse!
 Well, That’s how his owner described him.
The truth was he needed help with building understanding, confidence, patience and trust.
As you can see, He now is a very happy, calm and brave horse with a huge heart and a beautiful soul”
What is Animal Communication to me?
Animal Communication is an evolving understanding between human and animal, It is simply a sharing of feelings. In order to communicate, I completely clear my mind to totally focus on your animal. I then acknowledge all the feelings I experience, then interpret these feelings into words which I will share with you.
As an animal communicator, I have helped animals and their carers overcome many challenges, in Behavioural and Training difficulties, Building Relationships and trust, helping with lost animals and channelling Healing on physical, mental and emotional levels.
To compliment my work with animal communication, I offer a range of holistic  therapies, for both Animal and human health, this works beautifully as after the initial communication with you and your animal I can make a recommendation for us to work together by offering various methods of treatment. Including: Healing, Reiki, Herbal remedies, Flower essences, Life Balancing, Massage, Spiritual connection, compassion Release, Trust Technique 
Where am I? With my passion for my work, I travel between The Midlands down to Kent and the South Coast. Additionally a lot of my connections and healing are done distantly and over the telephone. If you need help or further details and want to contact me, please just email or call.

Session price £60 per hour





Tel: 07966422913

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Above is Roie. As you can see, on the left she is displaying her usual anti-social behaviour. Ears back and caught sharply throwing her head away from the children. Picture two shows her 30 minutes later after ACE have worked with her. By creating a safe feeling with her, this has given her a positive, trusting state of mind. Rosie now accepts love and attention from the children, Ears now happier and forward, she now looks quite comfortable accepting some fuss.       

Jacquie Thomas @ Barnfield Riding School, Kingston Upon Thames   











Here is Ted, Whilst he has taken to sleeping in the plant pot, We don’t mind because when he was brought to us he was seriously ill. The Vet thought he wouldn’t make it through the night, as after being disgarded in a wheelie bin he was suffering from hypothermia and malnutrition. After 1 year of good food, a hot water bottle and Reiki healing, as you can see, he is a very happy, healthy chap.       

Constance Rosemary, Mansfiel










Meet Phurtive, As you see above, he was not in good condition. You can see his hollow back, bony hip joint, poor coat condition, Ribby barrel and weak legs. However after working with the ACE team, receiving daily training with an instructor, Reiki, Trust Technique treatments and a total change of diet, just look at him now. This picture was taken at his first show out this year and he is just going from strength to strength.












Here is Mango.When Patsyann communicated with him, I knew she was definitely clearly talking with him and he was very comfortable with the communication which he hadn’t been with a previous one. He came through his initial wariness to reveal himself quite happily.The communication was so helpful, Patsyann understood his securities and his strengths immediately. I felt they mutually got underneath each others skin and it was nice to have her share the joy in this dog. She was so helpful in moving forward now that we are over the worst of his memories and fears from puppyhood.

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