Rowena Hicks

Rowena Hicks – Reiki 1 & 2, ACT1, ACT2, Trust Technique Practitioner (Student)

Hello, my name is Rowena thank you for reading my page.  It is my personal mission in life to help animals and their humans to have better relationships and lives together, and one of the ways I can help is through intuitive communication.

I am based in the South West of England, but no matter where you are in the World, I can communicate with your animal as long as I have a picture of them and you have Skype (or phone in the UK).  I can also reach to your loved ones at rainbow bridge.

Rather than just diving in with your questions I will always do a first connection with your animal to ensure I have made contact with them prior to asking your questions and ‘translating’ the answers.

I will then ask your animal ‘if that is true, tell me something that only you and your human know’.  Sometimes the level of detail that animals give me to prove connection even surprises me.  Examples of such ‘proof’ include:

  • specific details about their family and their hobbies
  • the specific place where the treat jar is kept
  • what the family ate for tea last night
  • the fact that one lady had recently sent a clip of her dog to You’ve been Framed
  • and even details about shared past lives…

It’s very surprising what animals find important, and how hard some try to get their message across!

Whatever your situation, and whatever it is that you want to gain out of the communication, you can be sure of a completely compassionate and confidential session.  I am 100% there to help you and your animal.

Here are some situations I have helped with:

  • Helping people feel that special bond with their animals
  • Helping a lady to peacefully back her horse
  • Helping a cat who was off his food to eat again
  • Helping a lady release feelings of guilt whose dog had transitioned
  • Helping two cats have a better relationship
  • Helping a little dog who was scared to go to the toilet outside at night
  • What Christmas present the dog wanted…

Here is a little bit about me:

Ever since I can remember, I have had a deep intuitive connection with all animals.  As a child I was the one running wild in the woods, ‘being as one’ with the woodland birds and beasts in my wildlife garden and playing outside with my pets, (or should I say friends) which included cats, dogs and the neighbours ponies.

Unfortunately, the pressures of modern society meant my childhood joys and passions were short lived and almost forgotten as I was bundled off for my education and subsequent career advancement.

I was always meant to be doing something to help animals, but it wasn’t until 2008 when a little rescued mongrel called Blackie who nobody else wanted came into my life that what I was meant to be doing became clear…  You can ask me the rest of the story

I now live in my haven in the suburbs of Bristol with my 5 ‘recharged’ battery chickens, my hansom failed foster lurcher Billy Fox and my beautiful greyhound Princess Bluebell.

*Please note that it would not be fair of me to offer help in the case of lost animals as these cases need immediate attention, and my full time work cannot allow this.  Sorry.

Session price £60 per hour




Mobile: please contact me through email

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by Helen S, Bristol on Animal Communication Training

Being slightly cynical before working with Rowena, I have to say I was surprised by the level of detail which she spoke about when communicating with our rather chatty cocker spaniel. Her input has helped us understand our doggy far more over the past week since our consultation.

Even my husband, who is as cynical as they come, saw details in the connection which only he would have known.

Thank you Rowena; you've got a real talent and have helped us immensely.

I want my beautiful horse, Moon, to have the best life I can give him. Although all his natural needs are satisfied and he's much loved and appreciated for being who he is, I constantly felt there was something wrong. So when Rowena showed up on my news-feed, I had to contact her.
Normally, I'm quite sceptical about these kind of things. I'm not religious and try to be as realistic as possible. Also, I wasn't sure if Rowena and Moon would have trouble comunicating as I speak to Moon in Croatian. So when Rowena wrote to me about their connection, I was truly amazed. Not only did she tell me some general things about Moon, she also told me things only I knew. Most importantly, now I have no doubts that these "not scientifically proven" things are possible.
I'm incredibly thankful that there are people like Rowena, who wish and have ability to help animals. And now I know what I can do for Moon to help him let go of his past and and be happier than he ever was. ?

I have enjoyed several sessions with Rowena who communicated with our 2 feline friends. Rowena was a TREMENDOUS help as we were able to get to know our pets better and learn why they behave in certain ways.In the end, we enjoy a much more pleasing relationship for everyone! It has been my good fortune to get to know Rowena and I so appreciate her talent!

Rowena did a communication with my cob, Malachy. It was enormously helpful to us both and helped build trust between us. We have subsequently gone from strength to strength. Thank you Rowena for your time and kindness.