Samantha Forrest

samantha forestI have always been drawn to animals, and have been so lucky as to enjoy a special connection with some whose paths have crossed my life. I am honoured now to be able to communicate so intimately with animals of all kinds.

As a Reiki practitioner for the past 10 years, its wonderful healing energy supports my practice.

I aim to offer direct, friendly and practical help towards understanding and resolving behavioural issues, physical conditions and emotional states of animals. Most importantly, my intention is to bring animals and their carers closer together, improving their relationships and their lives.

I communicate with All animals: monkeys, pigs, cats,…: be they domestic, zoo, farm or refuge wild animals.

I have worked with individual owners, Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and Deen City Farm.

Animal Communication is enlightening, rewarding, and fun! I look forward to talking with you.

Having qualified in Animal Communication, I am keen to work with this beautiful language of feelings, which not only benefits the owner/keeper but allows the animals in question to have a voice. As a result, a deeper understanding between the two develops, helping them emotionally, physically or spiritually or indeed all three.

Much of my work depends on finding a peaceful state of mind, where only the present moment, the ‘now’ matters. Here, one finds pure feelings of trust and unconditional love.

Session price £60 per hour




Tel: 01179706863

Mob: 07940593823

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