Sue Walsh

B.A. Psych, ATP ® , MNFSH, Usui Reiki Practitioner
Sue holds a B.A degree in Psychology and Communications. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner ® certified by Doreen Virtue, a Healer Member of the NFSH and an Usui Reiki Practitioner.
“As a young girl, I lived on our family farm in South Africa . I would typically spend my time galloping across the fields with my best friend Stiga, a little black pony who packed a punch (bolshie, cheeky and utterly lovable and trustworthy). I also shared this time with Oorkies my dog, who almost certainly had ‘Sheltie’ in her family tree… somewhere! I was also very carefully ‘brought up’ and refined by Ling, my Siamese cat and absolutely adored by Gemma and Charlie our Rottweilers.
I fondly remember the special times I spent learning from these animals, enjoying their company and simply being with them. I vividly recall how easily I could communicate with my animal friends and how natural it felt to understand their language. I have since spent my life loving and caring for budgies, horses, house rabbits, cats, dogs…and goldfish!
I feel extremely blessed to have had the childhood I did, as it gave me the opportunity to enhance my connection with animals in a most natural and unimpeded way. It is this connection that I link into when I am working with animals, both for healing and communication, and which brings depth and integrity to my work. Trust, openness, humility and honesty are required of us if we are to understand the beauty and simplicity of an animal’s heart. I am grateful to have learnt this valuable lesson from the many wonderful animals with whom I have shared my life, and still do. It is my dream to bring people and their animals closer and I honour those who love their animals so much that they take the steps towards enhancing and deepening their relationship. It is my sincere desire to be of assistance to you and your animal in any way I can.”

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