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From as far back as I can remember I have had a deep love and respect for all animals. My life long ambition is to have my own animal sanctuary and to help as many of these wonderful beings as I can. To be able to “speak” with the animals means I can gain a much better understanding of the animals’ needs and to establish a good rapport with them.

I trained as an Animal Communicator so I can work with animals at an intuitive level. My aim is to bring about resolution to any issues that either the owner/carer or animal may have, to establish a better understanding between them and to help create a meaningful relationship between them that is built on trust. If an animal has had a traumatic past, which has led to behavioural problems or unhappiness, I can work with the animal to release these emotions and feelings through a variety of techniques that I am trained in and qualified to use. To enhance this practice, through Reiki healing, I can work with animals to help with illness, trauma, age-related and behavioural issues. To make an animal’s life better in any way is a truly special gift for me to be able to give them.

Session price £60 per hour






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 4 reviews

Val was excellent at explaining Animal Communication - she came across as a very warm and caring

person. Val's compassion towards Penny was heartfelt and sincere

It has helped me understand Toby better and confirmed things I believed Toby was capable of

spiritually. Val was very good. She can easily pitch her communication to a level that can be

understood by anyone

It really helped to confirm what I was already picking up from my cat. It was a huge source of

comfort to know that my cat is happy and pain-free (also confirmed by the vet). Val was very

professional and easy to talk to

I was convinced very quickly that Val was connecting with Mutley. At an early stage in our

telephone communication she said the words ‘Attack before being attacked’ and that convinced me

as this is Mutley’s most dramatic/individual trait