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valredmanVal Redman – Reiki Master & Animal Communication Practitioner

My overall aim in working with the Energy, using Reiki and Animal Communication, is simply to play my part in building a deeper bond between animals and humans – a bond based on love, equality and respect.
My own journey, especially since being led to explore Reiki, Animal Communication and Shamanism, has shown me that Nature and the animals hold deep wisdom and are eager to share their teachings with us, if we will listen.  They are natural masters of unconditional love, forgiveness and being fully present to life in each moment.  They also know the importance of fun, humour and light-heartedness – much needed qualities in our current human world!
In my work with Reiki and Animal Communication, my intention is to help animals to re-balance and to share their feelings, thoughts and wisdom.  I also love assisting people in letting go of the conventional view of humans as the superior species, and opening up to the joy and wonder that comes from sharing our lives with animals and Nature as our most loving teachers.
I work from the heart, with love and respect, viewing every animal, person and situation as unique.  I believe and trust that if I am the right person to help a particular client, then the Universe will bring us together.  So if what I have said resonates with you, I look forward to working with you and your animal(s), sharing laughter, tears, healing and wonder along the way!

With Love and Light,


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My labrador, Meg, suffered a cruciate ligament injury a couple of years ago. The vet treated it and the leg healed. According to the vet, on a final check-up, there was nothing wrong with the leg and no reason for Meg not to use it as normal. But Meg would not use it. She either limped along or walked on 3 legs. Her muscles started to waste through lack of use and her back started to cause her problems due to her compensating for that leg. The vet could suggest nothing more and my 2 small boys were upset that Meg could no longer go for walks with them.
I don't know what I expected when I asked Val to do some work with Meg. I had heard of Reiki but had no experience of animal communication at all. Val did an initial communication with Meg using a photo to connect with her. We then agreed that she would come to the house and give Meg some hands-on Reiki. Meg was a little wary at first. She hates vets or anyone else treating her, so Val just sat on the other side of the room and gave her Reiki from there. By the second session, Meg was eager for her Reiki and immediately fell into a deep sleep. At the end of the session, she had a physical release of the tension she had been carrying (she vomited). From that moment on she was a different dog. She started using the leg again and we were able to go for short walks. After the third and final Reiki session, Meg was her old self. We were all delighted, especially the boys, when Meg was able to join us on our long walks again. To look at her now, you would never know there had been a problem at all.

My husband and I re-homed a rescue Jack Russell called Polly. She was a treasure from day one, but we were concerned that she never seemed to fully relax. She was wary of men and seemed to have something "on her mind" the whole time. We just knew she had not had a good start in life but didn't know how to help her. Then Val did a communication session with her and Polly revealed that as a youngster she had accidentally bitten a child, a little girl who was teasing her with a piece of meat. Polly, in her excitement had misjudged her jump at the meat and bitten the child's hand, drawing blood. She was punished by the father - hence her wariness of men. When Val told us what Polly had shared with her, I suddenly realised that every time a child had come to the house, Polly would make herself scarce. Val told us that Polly wanted us to know that she was trustworthy and would never hurt anyone deliberately. We reassured her over the following weeks that we trusted her and knew it had simply been an accident. Polly is now a totally different dog, much more relaxed and open. I'm so grateful that Val was able to give us that insight into her past, so that we could help her move on.

I was amazed at the difference in our cat, Archie, after just one session with Val. Archie had always been known as the “grumpy” cat by everyone. Val found through her communication with him that Archie had some deep-seated issues around boundaries. These were discussed and a compromise was agreed that suited Archie and the family. Since that day, Archie has been a different cat. He’s no longer Mr. Grumpy!

Over the last few years of my beloved dog, Erin’s life, Val used a combination of Reiki and Communication to help her recover from a severe bout of agoraphobia, as well as a fear of sudden loud noises that had plagued her since she was a puppy. When Erin passed away last year, Val communicated with her. The messages she got from Erin were so comforting and so very obviously from Erin (things that Val couldn’t have known otherwise), that I found myself able to smile again.

My cat, Hobo, was petrified of visiting the vet. On one traumatic occasion, the vet was unable to take a blood sample because Hobo was rigid with terror. The vet suggested bringing him back the next day to try again but I was dreading it. Fortunately, Val was able to accompany us this time. She gave Reiki to Hobo all the way to the vets and communicated to him what was happening and why. The results were truly astounding. Hobo allowed the nurse to pick him up and hold him without any struggle. The vet took the blood from his leg and he remained calm and relaxed. At the end the vet laughed and said, “OK, what have you done with Hobo? This has to be a different cat!