Vanessa Mustchin

vanessamunchThis is me with my beloved staffy, Daisy, May 2010.

Daisy is the reason I found myself on a different path in life. In 2007 she was diagnosed with mouth cancer and the vet told me she had 3 months to live. But I just refused to believe this and had a knowing that her days were not numbered yet. I then turned to alternative therapies and homeopathy kept Daisy alive and well for another 3 years.

During that time I was attracted to other forms of healing. An animal communication carried out on Daisy allowed me to learn a lot more about both her and myself! ….how to act around her ie. not to be fearful of the cancer and to embrace her and enjoy her in the moment. This helped our relationship enormously.

I then took a complete leap of faith in myself and decided that this was what I wanted to do in life, to help people have a better understanding and relationship with their animals, through animal communication. I have amazed myself with the results! I would love to share this gift with you and your animal and help strengthen the bond between you, allow you to have a greater understanding of your animals’ needs and help you both enjoy a life of love and peace.

*This picture was taken an hour before Daisy passed over. I truly believe the picture shows we were both very much at peace with the situation, mainly as a result of an animal communication the previous day.

Session price £60 per hour




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"I have used Vanessa’s gift on several occasions. She has communicated with my animals that have gone to Rainbow Bridge. I have been astounded at the accuracy of the information given to me. Vanessa has put my mind at rest over issues that have worried me for some years. I shall continue to use Vanessa’s services without hesitation."

"Vanessa has greatly helped in resolving many issues with Billy, my 3 year old cat. Prior to Vanessa's communication he had been very nervous, spent little time indoors, & was very stressed in his relationships with both family & other pets. As soon as he was approached, or heard a noise he would fly out of the catflap. All of this led to self haring and a conventional vet had treated him, & had suggested euthanasia as an option.

Since Vanessa's involvement, he has become more confident, has commanded his own space in the household, & no longer only appears briefly to eat. He is now both approachable & very affectionate. He is also happy to interact with our other cats. His general demeanor and bearing has changed completely & by using the advice Vanessa has given, he continues to improve both in physical & emotional appearance and behavior."