Vanessa Wood

From as early as I can remember, I always believed – “knew” – deep in my heart that animals understood us and that there had to be a way, somehow, to learn their special language and understand what they were saying – to each other AND to us.  That feeling never left me – despite society’s insistence it was impossible – and I remember finding myself at the age of 22 sitting in front of my dog for almost an hour one day saying “I KNOW you can hear and understand me.  Talk to me, talk to me…” and trying to decipher some sense of what she was trying to tell me as she gazed so intently into my eyes.  My disappointment as I walked away – not having “cracked the code” and at the prospect that I may never be able to prove that society was wrong – stayed with me a long time.  Perhaps you have felt it too.   Little did I realise, however, that they were indeed talking to me, but I just didn’t know then how to listen.  When I first heard about animal communicators, my senses re-ignited at the possibility that my lifelong “knowing” was about to become reality, and I sought out James for a consultation following the passing of my beloved cat Gemma – my Angel, and my cat-alyst for my future.  When he gave the connection and validation I needed, my heart sang as I knew this was what I was born to do – to fulfil my true life purpose as an Animal Advocate:  to help bridge the gap between animals and humans and, more crucially, give them the voice to be heard.
Perhaps because of my medical background I particularly pick up physical sensations but the most magical part, for me, is validating the deep connection and truly unconditional love the animals have for their humans; discovering each their unique personalities that carry over with them even into the spirit world;  their wisdom and their simplicity;  and, most of all, giving them the voice they long for to tell the humans in their lives what they want them to know:  sometimes very profound messages, sometimes such simple solutions to problems they may be experiencing, but always, always, touching, healing, and affirming.  
I look forward to helping you hear your loved one’s heart speak its truth to you.
Vanessa is also currently enrolled on a one year healing diploma, to further develop and gain qualification in the healing gift she uses naturally.

Session price £60 per hour





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