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Hello! My name is Viv Versis and I have been an avid animal lover all of my life. From a very early age, I felt deeply connected to the animal kingdom and felt that they did not receive the love and respect they deserve from humankind. There were, and still are, many times when I have been ashamed to be human, despairing at the way animals are mistreated and abused. All too many humans have the idea that we have to ‘control’ animals and that they exist simply to be at our disposal. This is so not the truth! Animals are sentient beings with a right to love and respect from all others and it is with this philosophy that I live my life. I have supported a large number of animal charities throughout my life and still do on a regular basis. All my own animals have come from rescue centres.
I have been interested in the care and healing of both humans and animals for a very long time and in order to promote this I have gained a Certificate in Basic Veterinary Homoeopathy, become a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Healer and have now become a Professional Animal Communicator. I am now finally realising my life’s purpose, and understanding why I am here on this earth plane. It is a wonderful feeling to know that with the skills I have obtained over the years, I can help those in need. Walking this pathway and to be able to help both animals and humans achieve a happy life together is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done . I look forward to helping you in whatever way I can. With love and light to you all x

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