Vivien Gardiner

I have had a passion for animals since childhood – we always had cats, dogs and the occasional waif and stray homeless animal in our home and I also remembering asking my parents why I couldn’t have a chimpanzee!   I have always had a connection with animals; I am in awe of them and believe they can help us in many ways and we can learn a great deal from them.

It was not until my later years that I was introduced to Reiki and trained to become a Reiki Master in the traditional Japanese method and was then drawn to work with Reiki particularly on animals. I was then fortunate enough to discover James French’s Trust Technique and this opened up another whole new world for me.  It was through studying the Trust Technique that I discovered the wonderful opportunity to study Animal Communication.  The technique teaches you to work intuitively with ’intent’ enabling you to build a deeper mutual understanding with an animal and thereby help not only the animal but the owner as well. I feel very privileged to have learned to use this method as I am passionate about helping owners and their pets have a better relationship.

I enjoy helping my friends and family with their pets – my communications mainly have included horses, dogs and cats, although they have also covered rats, iguanas, goats, hamsters and rabbits!  For me, there is no better feeling than being able to help a human and their animal.

I am here also to help with anyone whose pet has passed; losing an animal is always hard, they are part of your family.  I can help in the bereavement process so that in time you will be able to smile at the happy memories and know your pet is with you still.

I believe we can all truly learn a great deal from our animal friends and the journey is never ending.

I am a Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals.  I spend time visiting and fund raising for a primate sanctuary in Spain.  I also support wild-life and various animal charities in the UK and overseas.

Session price £60 per hour




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