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I waited a long time to attend this workshop and it was worth it! James makes the workshop so interesting and easy to understand. I could listen to him and his stories of animal communication and the Trust technique all day. James really cares deeply about helping animals and teaching people to help animals. He is one of the most genuine teachers I have ever met. Thank you James!

Thank you so much for an incredible and very humbling experience. Learning how to communicate with animals is incredibly moving, and I never thought I would be able to do as much as I have learnt to do on this workshop. James talked us through every stage of the process with skill and patience, and we were amazed at the stories and information that we were all able to discover when working with animals we had never met before. All my doubts vanished, and I feel I have acquired a precious and invaluable skill to use with the animals I love so much. Thank you James!

by Catherine Day on Animal Communication Training

The day was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more. James is a very special person who led us through simple exercises throughout the day culminating in our first "official" communication with each others' animals. The accuracy of the communication my partner had with my horse who had passed on only recently was absolutely spot on, her feedback was that my communication with her horse was equally perfectly accurate. I believe our ability to do this was down to James, his warm, heartfelt delivery of the workshop content and his firm belief that we can all do this (actually we all do do this). I am so excited about the possibilities as I move forward without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you James, I will be back for more.

A wonderful day with wonderful people in wonderful surroundings! I really appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, clear guidelines, and the encouragement. Self doubts still pop into my head but I'm reminding myself it's ok and can hear James saying "you wouldn't expect to master a new language in a day...!" I want to keep trying as it's so obvious how beneficial these skills are. I'd love to be part of helping create a future where all animals are held in high regard. Someone else wrote on one of these reviews 'if you're thinking of booking a course just do it - you won't regret it' - I agree! 🙂

by Esther Austin on Animal Communication Training

I had a fantastic day. James French has an amazingly authentic and honest and warm energy. His passion to teach, his passion about healing, his passion about animals is so strong and evident. He has a wonderful way of interacting and also listening to the students. Im looking forward to any other training I can get on, as James clearly holds a space to facilitate the dreams of others.

What an amazing ACt1 workshop I attended at the weekend. James is a brilliant teacher, he explains everything so well and is very inspirational and motivating. It felt such a privilege to meet and work with James, his deep and genuine empathy, love, understanding and attunement to animals was so heart warming. I am so looking forward to practicing the techniques taught by James and getting in deeper communication with animals. I was so pleased during the training to realise that I could do it despite all my initial doubts. Thank you, thank you and more James. Warmest and heartfelt regard for the teaching, the encouragement and for being the genuine and amazing person you are.

by Heidi Bennett on Animal Communication Training

What a lovely day. Down to earth, relaxed teaching. Gradually building up to the connection we need to bring to our animals. Was amazed at how much I learnt. Have been "doing" the technique since I got home with two of my four cats. Transformed how they are interacting with me and one another already. Lovely people from all walks of life drawn by thier love of animals. Wonderful. Thank you James.

I had a really lovely time and everyone was so approachable and you were never made to feel pressured in a situation or out of place. It was amazing to feel that connection after such a short time and realize that there was this other world of communication which opened a whole new door for me and I really feel like I can take the day and get a further connection with animals in general and especially my own. Really hoping to book onto another course soon and develop what I have learnt today. Thank you James!

The integrity of James's vision to treat all animals with equal regard and enhance their lives is unquestionable. By sharing some simple, easy to follow techniques in a no-nonsense way, he has taught me the first steps towards better understanding my own beloved pets, and inspired me to continue the journey towards helping less fortunate animals to have their voices heard.
I also appreciated that today was exactly what it said 'on the can' - an introductory course, to demonstrate that we're all capable of communication, and we were. From here, we can choose other complementary areas to explore, but today wasn't cluttered by offering too much information. Thank you James xx

Venue: superb; the day: mind blowing, awe inspiring, humbling, fantastic; Shelley & James: it was an honour to meet them; the training was outstanding, very interesting and informative. I am still in awe of the fact that I can actually communicate with animals on a level I never knew existed. Ive always considered myself to have an affinity with animals and an ability to treat them as equals, but the workshop has shown me that I have only ever scraped the surface. Im so looking forward to ACT2 and a future in truly helping animals in need. I can fully recommend the workshop to anyone who is committed to giving their animals total peace and tranquility.

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