You Could Be Hurting Your Animals’ Feelings!

by James French

Animal Communication can help pet owners in a number of ways. It will help you to understand and pick up vital information regarding your animals’ health and happiness. Having the ability to feel an animal form their perspective allows us to move from placing our own thoughts and judgements on our animals. Making animal communication a must have tool if you truly care for animals.

Often we can completely miss-judge situation regarding our animals’ behaviour. It is very easy for us people to see a situation and then jump to our own negative conclusions. I am sure that you will agree that there is nothing more hurt full and unfair than someone making judgements about you that are not true!

One of my clients had labelled her dog a bully with other dogs. This had been instigated by the owners observations that when her dog was around other younger or gentle dogs, she was snapping and showing signs of aggression towards them.

The dogs behaviour was totally different to nervous of protective dogs and would bee her distance from them.

Through the animal communication it was clear that she was afraid of intimacy with other dogs! She desperately wanted to be close but did not know how. She was an excellent judge of character and could tell if the dogs were friendly or not at distance. This is why she would only approach the gentle or younger dogs and she was very keen to become friends, but did not know how!

This feeling of wanting to be close, changed as soon as her nose got to close to another dogs. Replaced with this feeling of intense shyness and protection.

This information changed the owners understanding and together we created a whole new approach, focused on helping her dog become intimate with other dogs. She was so desperate to learn how to overcome her shyness and have other dog friends that the task was easy when approached in the right way.

Understanding our animals from this feeling language gives us the power to really help them. If you are still in a place where you keep asking yourself why they are doing this or that. Then you have not found this connection and understanding that your animal is looking for!

Animal communication builds a trusting relationship. It is exactly the same for humans, when we find someone who understands us then it is easy to listen to them and trust them, as we can feel that they are there to help us. Because animal communication is so natural, it is very easy for anyone to learn the skills in a relatively short period of time!


Is Animal Communication Healthy?

by James French

Animal communication can be very healthy for our animal by helping the on physical and emotional levels. But this article is not about the animals it is about how animal communication can help people!

To be good at animal communication the human has to learn the skills of being able to clear and still their mind. only then will they be accurate.

We can only truly put our feeling attention towards an animal to communicate with them when our own minds are still. In what way can this be healthy for us?

Thinking has a direct impact on our health. Negative thoughts such as stress over time will have an adverse effect on our being.

Learning the practice of animal communication requires people to spend time focusing on a calmer mind state. Giving us a better way of dealing with areas of our life that would normally cause stress.

Think about it in this way, If you have 300 stress filled thoughts a day. In your practice of animal communication you reduce these by 150 then you are going to be twice as relaxed as you were before and this is going to effect your health!

In helping people learn animal communication we have observed that it is not just the skill of communication that develops but also their ability to be calmer and more peaceful in themselves.

One of the best ways to describe this is when we put our full attention to another being we are in a selfless state, why because our feeling attention is no longer in us. Yet when we are thinking and getting emotional our thinking is very much in our selves this we could call being selfish!

Want to be fit in body then be fit in mind and start learning animal communication. The rewards are so much more, than knowing that you are helping the animals around you.


Animal Communication Make It Work With 6 Simple Stepskl

by James French

Animal Communication is the ability for a person to share the feelings of any animal in detail. Imagine having a detailed conversation with an animal, the difference is that the language of the animals is feeling based and does not rely on words. When working with animal communication we can discover how our animals feel on both physically and emotionally.

Understand how you can use this heart felt language by following the 6 simple steps below.

1 You have to believe it!

There is no way in the world that you will be able to communicate in detail with an animal if you do not believe that it is real. One of the main factors that makes your communication detailed is to control your doubts. So if you are full of doubts this will stop you from being in the right mind set right form the start.

2 Still your mind

Every thought that we have creates a specific feeling! To be able to pick up on another beings thoughts we must quieten down our own first. Other wise we will only be focused on our own mind and feelings and not theirs.

3 Direct your attention to the animal

On a feeling level when you put your full attention with the animal you become as one. When your feelings are one with the animals then you are truly connected and your animal communication will flow.

4 You need to ask questions

Connecting to the animals feeling using your full attention means that on a deeper level you will be linked into all the information about that animal. We can not take all this information in on a conscious level as it would be far too overwhelming. By asking questions this acts like a filter where that specific detail can be moved to our conscious mind.

5 Know what to expect

The feelings are picked up and translated by your mind automatically. These in turn are translated in a way that will make sense to you. It may be that your mind gives you an image, sound, touch, smell or taste that is relative to the feeling of the animal. These senses are subtle and are more like memories.

6 Keep the information raw

Keep the information as close to and as raw as you experienced it in your mind. It is easy to add extra thinking on top. This will change the nature of the communication and it will not be so accurate.

Animal communication is a very natural way to share understanding with each other. It enhances your relationship dramatically with the animal around you and is worth exploring if you care about animals. If there are any questions you would like answered please feel free to contact us.


Animal Care, The Artichoke Patch And Finding The Present Moment.

by James French

At a time when the outside world is in a state of flux, more information and discussions about animal care, human care and our understanding of our inner selves are coming to light. It is therefore intriguing to explore the topic of animal care and the relationship we share with animals in our modern culture from the platform of animal communication.

We have lived alongside animal on earth for many years. Our roles have adapted and changed with the times. Animals are no longer are our transport, our hunter/hunted food source we now have a multi-national farming industry. Though they are still on a personal level, members of our family, our protectors and our companions. The stress of living on humans, both physically, emotionally and spiritually has quadrupled in the past fifty years. Therefore our animals now respond different to our needs as our roles have changed..

Animals can be our partners, our children, our teachers and healers. They give us reason to rise and reach out to us, with the unconditional love and unity that is missing in our modern human world. This is why more people are turning to animals and the care of animals to find there sense of self. As when we allow ourselves to be taken out of our worlds and into theirs, into nature, into moments of peace where we relax and de-stress. We also find the present moment.

Could it be that the relationship we create with our animals, affects the quality of life with create for ourselves. And is there more to our relationship with animals, the sharing of feelings, the depth of communication than we once believed. On page two of most of our daily papers is an emotionally charged article of the touching stories of animals in our lives. In 2009 we are familiar with terms such as animal behaviourists, horse whisperers, dog trainers, animal communicators and the list of current animal therapies in practice just to names a few Tellington Touch, Bowen Therapist, Animal Aromatic’s, McTimmony Chiropractors is widely growing.

An interesting debate suggests humans have lost this innate ability to live in the moment; we are to driven by the speed of our culture to live in the future. Our IT, Warp, Satellite speed make communication instantaneous world wide and our time lines have altered. Though when we walk a dog in a sunny field, or ride a horse on a shadowed path, sit and tickle our cats, we often become mindless or thoughtless. We are reminded of the language of feelings. The importance of being present in our day.

Learning how to communication with animals, has similarity to the story of the Artichoke Patch. When the famous artist Matisse, was asked how he maintained his sense of creativity, he commented that he spent ten minutes a day sitting in his artichoke patch. How he coped with the pressure was finding his sense of presence.. Being in the moment for some part of his day allowed his creativity for his art to grow. So we all need to find our artichoke patch, so our creativity can grow and it is often our animals which show us the path.

So the best animal care you can give you pet is the ability to be present with them, as this also gives to you. Leaning the skills of being present via animal communication is an excellent therapy and your desire to provide better animal care will have more than one outcome. Firstly you will become closer to your animal and secondly you will find your artichoke patch.

Most of the major religions or spiritual teachings, aim for a similar outcome as Matisse. Peace of mind. Peace of mind is obtainable through having peaceful thoughts and not too many of them. A little bit like the contented cat with a full tummy purring. Therefore the more attention we pay to animal care, the more attention we pay to ourselves. If your animal is not peaceful then animal communication can re-balance your relationship. Is it animal care or human care that is needed as who is not living in the present moment?


Find Out Your Animal’s Purpose With Animal Communication.

by James French

Why are animals on our planet? Are they merely here to feed us, clothe us or are they just beasts of labour? They have a far greater purpose than that, and through learning animal communication you can find out your own animal’s purpose. Animal Communication is simple and natural.

We may think they are cute or cuddly, or perhaps we are lonely and that is why we keep a pet? The animals have a far deeper purpose than that. Their intelligence and compassion is overwhelming and they will readily share with all who are prepared to listen.

I like the idea of them being our equals, our brothers and sisters along with the whole of nature. God gave us this planet to enjoy, not rape, plunder and destroy, and that includes all life upon the Earth.

By practicing animal communication you can get in touch with their feelings and thoughts and then a real partnership develops. You can ask them what do they require of you. What are their needs and preferences; you can even reach a mutual agreement in a problem area.

But through animal communication you can learn far more. You learn to share thoughts, words and feelings, to communicate on an equal level. It is a marvelous experience.

Animals are good for you! Science has proved that just the act of stroking a pet can reduce our blood pressure. We have invented animal therapy, guide dogs for the blind, deaf and disabled, just to mention a few ways the animals help us. These are great gifts, but they do have far more to offer.

They will share their own life experiences, inform you of their needs, likes and dislikes and from my experience in animal communication, they are only too willing to help you with yours. They will make you laugh, or cry or gasp with wonder, but the animals will share all they know with you, if you’ll just listen.

By learning animal communication you can tune into their thoughts and feelings and be aware of just how complex these feelings are. Animals are every bit as emotional as us, just as intelligent and filled with a unique inspiring wisdom. Ask them, they will respond, reveal their purpose in your life and always be there to guide and teach you. All we have to do is listen.

Ask the beasts and they shall teach ye. Job 12 v 7


Is Animal Communication Possible?

by James French

Can animals talk? Can they really communicate with us? I often wondered about this myself. I grew up surrounded by animals and have always felt a really close bond with them, but to talk to them? Was animal communication possible? I wasn’t sure; it all seemed like realms of fantasy, however enduring.

By the age of 10 I was convinced you really could talk to the animals. My bond with them was so close, and I knew they understood me. Having watched the original Dr. Doolittle film staring Rex Harrison, I was convinced I was right.

I made up my mind there and then that this is what I was going to do when I grew up. I imagined a wonderful life talking to the animals, sharing their problems and making their lives better. It was going to be fantastic!

Sadly my dad didn’t share in my dreams. He was rather perplexed when he told me the film wasn’t real, it was purely a piece of fantasy. You can’t talk to the animals, and they can’t talk to you. After all, they are only animals!

The years passed, I started training as a medium and then Sullivan, a gorgeous border collie, entered my life. He’d had a bad start in life and had been extremely ill. Sadly his illness had started to affect his behaviour.

Sullivan’s long illness had upset the whole family and I was uncertain of the outcome. One night as I sat with him pondering on his future I was suddenly aware of images in my mind; his birth, his mother and his illness.

It didn’t hit me at first that I was communicating with my dog; all I was aware of was his illness and sadness. I was also puzzled. How could he help me? I was supposed to be helping him!

As the weeks passed it became obvious that Sullivan had come to help me learn animal communication. He had somehow got through my doubts and spoke to me. Bless him! Having realised my dream was within my grasp, I took my animal communication studies seriously. I now speak dog, cat, horse, rabbit and fish and I don’t need the stethoscope!


Find Out Your Animal’s Job Through Animal Communication.

by James French

Does your animal have a job? Through animal communication you can learn what role he is playing in your life, what job he has, or what job he would like.

He may already guard the house, or make you laugh, or bring you comfort when you are lonely, but does he want to do more?

Sometimes there are problems in a multi-animal household. This can be through jealousy or clashes in personality, but sometimes it is simply because an animal is feeling redundant. All the other jobs have been taken and he needs to feel important too.

Sometimes the animals pick their own jobs; sometimes they need our help especially in a multi-dog or cat household. By learning animal communication you can discuss your pets’ needs, thank them for the brilliant job they do, or ask them what job they would like.

Many animals choose their own jobs and simply get on with it, sometimes in ways that aren’t obvious to us. Watch them, be aware of their behaviour and patterns and you’ll soon identify some of their jobs.

In my household we have two rabbits that have counseled my daughters over their love lives, and one of them also gave my daughter creative ideas for her art work. I have a cat who is my path finder (he always knows where we are moving to before I do!) and I have even received the best dental advice I have ever had from our cockatiel!

It’s no joke! Animal communication is a major blessing to any household. The animals and the humans benefit. Through learning this amazing art you can not only appreciate the animals’ gifts and jobs more, you can really help them.

Animal communication opens up your world. It’s like a light bulb going on. Suddenly your animal’s behaviour and antics make sense, and if they have been trying to get your attention by acting up, you’ll find that once you listen to them, the unwanted behaviour stops. Animal communication is a blessing for you, your animals, the whole family and one I believe we should all accept with open arms.