Enhance Your Animal Healing By Using Animal Communication!

by James French

Animal healing has taken a quantum leap in the last 10 years. Now we are seeing new ways such as the Trust Technique adding to the older system such as acupuncture for animals. All the animal healing methods are centred around the same principle of balancing out the animals energy levels. In this article I would like to explain how animal communication can help with all different types of animal healing.

So how many different methods are there for healing animals? Reiki for animals, Mctimoney chiropractic for animals, Spiritual healing, The Trust Technique, Body spin, Tellington Touch, Bowen for animals and this list continues!

Even though there are many different methods and name for animal healing, they are all working on the same idea. That the animal is a being made up of physical, emotional and spiritual parts. To create true healing then we have to look at the whole picture in a holistic way.

If one of theses areas is out of balance it will affect the other areas. For example the emotion of fear can create tension within the physical parts of any body be this human or animal. Over time this tension can cause all sorts of physical ailments including the internal organs. Clearly the emotional tension or fear needs to be changed, so that it is no longer affecting the body. This is the holistic approach, the ability to look and treat the whole picture.

Animal communication taps into the emotional, physical and spiritual feelings of the animal. This is the reason why it is so beneficial to animal healing.

Communication on this level is not the same as one person talking to another! We use words and obviously our animals no not. This said we do share feelings with them all the time and this is the communication that is shared.

Animal communication helps animal healing in a number of different ways. To start with understanding the animals pain helps us to treat it! Also the ability to be empathic is very compassionate, this is it own right is incredibly healing. Especially when we realize that communication is a two way process and is not always about picking feelings up but also delivering feelings. Sharing feeling of peace and comfort can dramatically increase the trust levels between the animal and the human and consequently healing!

Communication relates to all the other animal healing methods by creating a strong feeling of trust and understanding between the animal and the human. This is so important because with out this rapport the animal will not be as open to the healing.

You will be communicating with animals if your are practicing animal healing. You may not be fully are of this communication, but this will not take much to change! Learning animal communication is very easy for most healers. The ability to consciously use animal communication with in your animal healing practice will definitely straighten the work that you are doing!

James French is one the pioneering animal communicator in Europe. Learn how you can use animal communication to enhance animal healing by visiting his website at Animal Communication or Animal Healing.