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Hearing without listening talking without speaking!

AAfter discovering that animal communication is real and that people can connect and communicate accurately with all animals, the next question is can you do it?

It can be easy to think that this is only a gift for the select few and that you need to be a spiritually advance person to have this skill. It is quite natural to think that you would not know if you were making information up or just imagining the animal responses. Or even to think that you are too close to your own animal to communicate in this way.

The ACT1 Cd is the best way to learn animal communication online, this set takes you passed these doubts by giving you a tried and tested simple way to understand and interact with animals on a deeper and more profound level. Our animal communication programs support you and help build your confidence to communicate with the animals around you or to set you on the incredible journey of becoming a professional communicator where you have the ability to help other people understand their animals in this genuine way.

What is the ACT1 Online

Everything you need to be a confident animal communicator

The ACT1 CD SET come with everything you need to understand, experience and practice animal communication. We have been teaching all types of people from animal care professionals to pet owners since 2000.   We are proud of this method and confident that the tutorials can teach anyone who has a love and passion for animals, no matter how much they may doubt their own abilities. For over a decade the ACT1 courses has taught thousands of people and has had a impact and influence in a growing acceptance and use of Animal Communication in the UK.

Included in your ACT1 course

learn animal communication Cd Set


The CD Set is delivered to your door. Three CDs giving you the tools to create the right mind set and step by step instructions  to give you the experience of accurate animal communications.

learn animal communication online Cds


The online version of the CD Set. You can start learning as soon as you have purchased with our online access. You can also download the set so that you can play on your media devises. 

Learn animla communication online videos


Be part of an ACT1 workshop, these videos helps you to understand the essence of animal communication in a small class setting.  These videos greatly enhance your learning experience. 

learn animal communication online practice group


The ACT1  face book group is a place to practice with like minded people, who have also completed the course.  This is the fastest way to apply the teachings and build your confidence.

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These CDs are just terrific. The techniques really easy to assimilate and comprehend and James’s warm and natural style a pleasure to listen to. He equips you with confidence and helps you do what actually comes naturally. And how lovely to be in a state of being and not doing! After hearing them just once through, I astonished myself by eliciting from an unknown dog that she had broken her nail when digging which caused her to limp; her favourite food was tripe; and she wanted to know why she wasnt given bones anymore? All verified by her owner. Really exciting.
Janine Roebuck

Discover these dynamic methods

UKs pioneering animal communicator James French

With the help of his partner Shelley, James has been teaching the ACT1 worldwide. His main teaching focus is simplicity as he shares with you things that you may have already seen but not noticed! Yet with this change of perception and view point the possibilities are endless!

Learning animal communication online gives many people the skills needed for this touching connection at a learning pace that suites them. In the CD set, James shares 3 different methods for you to communicate with animals, this comprehensive teaching is delivered in the easiest way to learn animal communication “audio and video”.

Sit back and let ACT1 take you for the journey straight to your animals heart!

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My daughter and I are using your cds and are finding them so much easier than all the reading that we have both done on animal communication. I think the idea of making the cds is brilliant and so very helpful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about animal communication to stop thinking and just buy the cd and see for yourself. Thanks once again.
Sue Rogers

Who can benefit from this CD Set?


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Understand your animals thoughts and opinions is a life changing event. How many times have you looked into the eyes of your animals and thought to yourself “I wish I knew what you are thinking?” Animal Communication takes you to this magical place of wonder and innocence. You will be touched to realise how special the thoughts and feelings of our animals really are. Even when you had thought that they were being bad, you will have the opportunity to see these things in a completely different light. Understand your animals in a way where you can be of true help.

A lack of communication with our own pets can be frustrating and full of anxiety. How many times in your own life have you been misunderstood and judged in the wrong way? It feels horrible doesn’t it? especially if it is from some one that is close and loves you. Some times when our animals are afraid or emotional, we can completely miss judge them as well! A simple test is asking your self do you constantly question why they do certain behaviors? This shows that you are searching for the answers and have not yet understood them. Animal communication connects us on a completely different level. When we have someone that understands us because they are compassionate we naturally trust them and will naturally ask for their help. This is the same with our animals rather than them not listening because they are afraid, they start to look for our help and security. Proper use of animal communication helps us teach our animals how to be confident because they have the trust to look at us as the responsible owner / teacher.
Working with domestic animals it does not take long to realize that it is very hard to find a problem animal with out some sort of human intervention being involved! This maybe that the animal is mirroring a problems that maybe happening in the humans life. Or that they have had past trauma involving humans. As a healing process part of the therapists job is to be able to see and respond to the bigger picture. Using a holistic view so that the healing can be permanent. If only the animal is treated when it has been reflecting its human, well it will soon resort back to how it was before the healing if the larger picture is not also addressed. Animal communication is a highly effective way to understand the bigger picture by understanding the situation for the animals view point, giving the therapist greater understanding on how to really help the situation. We also feel that it can increase the strength of the session just by being able to explain to the animal who you are and your intent to help is. We discovered that to clearly explain to the animal the therapy in question, opens them to the healing process.
One of the hardest part of being a trainer or behaviorist is that the focus is on changing the animal, when often it is not the animal but the human who needs to change as well. Helping animal and owners find this balance together means that a professional will not be able to just use one tool to mend all. For example there are many different approaches in dog training. Knowing what is going to work with the relationship dynamics is where animal communication can really help. Recognising what has cased the breakdown in the communication is the starting point where the Behaviorist / Trainer can then use the appropriate tools to use in the situation.
There is a lot of intuition being used at the vets practice! Vets can be under a large amount of pressure to diagnose and treat animals. It is a big responsibility and often the vet is not just dealing with the animals stress! If only the animals can tell you where it hurts, wouldn’t that make the vets job easier and clearer for diagnosis? It does not take much time learning animal communication to effectively pick up physical feelings from an animal. It is very natural and from an outside view the human client would not know that the vets was using animal communication! Intuition can work in many ways for example connecting to the animal can trigger the memory of other animals that the vet may have treated in the past. Or access the Vets database of knowledge specifically for the feeling of the animal being treated. This is happening with all practices and understanding and using animal communication will make this intuitive process easier to access and aid the skill sets of any well meaning vet in a holistic light.
Rescue animals need a lot of help! Helping rescue animals can be a very emotional job. helping to find trust for animals that have been badly treated is not easy at the best of times. Combine this with the animal being in a new place surrounded by other animals and the whole experience can be quite overwhelming for both the animals and the staff. Animal communication can work in many ways in helping animals at rescue centers. It can be very useful to feel the animal and understand the best way to make them comfortable. We can also find out what has happened in the past as part of the process of rehabilitation. When it comes to finding new owners the communication can also help to determine what home is the most suitable and lower the return and stress rate!
The CD is great and can be listened to again and again. It takes a while to gain confidence to communicate, but I find animals I see when I visit clients are very very keen to talk to me, even if I am preoccupied with something. Its amazing what is elicited at times and I am always blown away by it.
Barbara Hall

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All Animal Communication Courses

Learn Animal Communication Online

Animal Communicator Qualification

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The CDs have given me a real and consistent way of receiving the feelings I had occasionally felt from animals.

by Lesley Sherlock on Animal Communication Training

This is an excellent learning package and allows you to become familiar with the methods using the CDs and practice before the live workshop. James has an inclusive, down to earth style of teaching that anybody can relate to, whatever their background or belief system .Its the simplest and most enjoyable method I have come across and James love for this work is contagious.

I really enjoyed the workshop, which I felt was very much compliemented by the pre-work I had done with the CD. I had not been brave enough to practice an actual AC though, and this is where the workshop really came into its own. Being able to practice in such a friendly and open group was wonderful. The feedback results really blew me away! I would love to attend this course again, and eventually the AC2 and will try to keep up my practice in between. The others people in the group were so genuine, many who were also interested in other fascniating areas such as Reiki, mediumship etc. James is a gentle guide through this mysterious and eye opening subject.

I really enjoyed attending an ACT1 Workshop a while ago. Purchasing the CD set has enabled me to reflect on James words and remember the things I had forgotten. James calm tones talk through each step of the process, making the information easy to digest and recall. There is also a personal quality to the way the information is imparted giving the listener the feeling that James is there with you providing private tuition. I am now saving up my pennies in the hope of doing an ACT II Workshop in the near future.

by Rosemary Elliott on Animal Communication Training

I have to say that I am still not sure if it was the ACT 1 cd that found me or I found it.However buying the ACT 1 cd opened pathways that I would never have believed possible in the realms of animal communication. The cd is of very high quality and good value for money. James leads you through the animal communication skills he teaches in a clear and compassionate way.The cd led me to attend an ACT 1 workshop which I would recommend to everyone. I listen to the cd regularly and I have had some very interesting connections, some when I least expected them. To say it has been life changing would be to put it mildly.

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