You Could Be Hurting Your Animals’ Feelings!

by James French

Animal Communication can help pet owners in a number of ways. It will help you to understand and pick up vital information regarding your animals’ health and happiness. Having the ability to feel an animal form their perspective allows us to move from placing our own thoughts and judgements on our animals. Making animal communication a must have tool if you truly care for animals.

Have you every been miss-judged by some one else, it not a nice feeling is it? Yet it is very easy for us to do exactly the same with our own animals and the result is that we place negative feelings with them.

For example the other day I saw how a dog had been labelled as a bully with other dogs. This strong judgement had been made because the owner had observed that when her dog was around younger or gentle dogs, she would look very friendly but when she got close would snap at them and show aggressive signs.

Yet her dogs behaviour with nervous or protective dogs was very different. She would not go anywhere near them.

Through the animal communication it was clear that she was afraid of intimacy with other dogs! She desperately wanted to be close but did not know how. She was an excellent judge of character and could tell if the dogs were friendly or not at distance. This is why she would only approach the gentle or younger dogs and she was very keen to become friends, but did not know how!

Her need and want to be close to other dog, changed suddenly when she got too close. So rather than being friendly she became intensely shy and protective.

This information changed the owners understanding and together we created a whole new approach, focused on helping her dog become intimate with other dogs. She was so desperate to learn how to overcome her shyness and have other dog friends that the task was easy when approached in the right way.

When we connect with our animals and understand them it gives us the power to start helping them. If you are constantly asking yourself why they do the things that they do then this is possibly because you have not understood them fully!

Animal communication is very natural and does not take long to learn. With these skills you will be creating a trusting environment for both you and your animal, as you will understand each other more. It is the same for us humans, when we find someone who understands us we naturally listen to and trust them. Animal communication is the key to a deeper relationship.


Can Animal Communication Be Healthy?

by James French

The simple answer would be that animal communication helps our animals to be physically fit and emotionally balanced. This article however is not about the animal its about how animal communication can help the human!

Good animal communicators are so because they have learnt how to calm and still their minds. This is the key to accurate communication.

With a quiet mind only then can we move our feeling attention out to the animal and communicate with them. Why can this be healthy for us?

Our own thinking can seriously effect our health. When we creating negative thoughts and feelings this damages our being. Science would describe this as stress having a direct impact on our immune systems.

Animal communication involves the calming and clearing of the mind and this in turn helps us to see the world in a different way one that is more relaxed and stress free.

Imagine this, you have a thousand thoughts a day that create stress. In your practice of animal communication you reduce these thoughts by five hundred. No great equation here! You will be fifty percent less stressed and healthier! I know that this sound every so simple but the effect of a calmer thinking pattern can literally transform our lives.

We have seen that the people who join us to learn animal communication don’t just get good at communication but they change as people. Becoming less reactional and this in turn produces more patients and understanding.

I like to describe this in the way that when we have our full attention to another being we are in a selfless state. But when we are caught up in our own emotional thinking then this is more of a selfish state!

Want to be fit in body then be fit in mind and start learning animal communication. The rewards are so much more, than knowing that you are helping the animals around you./p>


Animal Communication Make It Work With 6 Simple Steps

by James French

Animal Communication allows a human to share detailed information with any animal. Because our animals use feelings and not words, animal communication is the ability to tune into the feelings and discover how are animals think and feel both on physical and emotional levels.

Below are 6 easy to follow step, so that you can understand how this heart felt communication can work between you and any animal.

1 You have to believe it!

Unfortunately when you question things in your mind then your mind and feeling become busy with your own thinking and this can easily stop you form even giving it a go.

2 Still your mind

Every thought that we have creates a specific feeling! To be able to pick up on another beings thoughts we must quieten down our own first. Other wise we will only be focused on our own mind and feelings and not theirs.

3 Direct your attention to the animal

Putting your attention with the animal that you want to communicate with out out thinking. Means that you are sharing their feelings you literally become one on a feeling level. Animal communication is all about where your attention is.

4 You need to ask questions

Connecting to the animals feeling using your full attention means that on a deeper level you will be linked into all the information about that animal. We can not take all this information in on a conscious level as it would be far too overwhelming. By asking questions this acts like a filter where that specific detail can be moved to our conscious mind.

5 Know what to expect

Your mind will pick up the feeling from the animal automatically and start making sense of it. This is where you may experience having images, sounds, touch, smell or taste. but the sensations are subtle they are more like memories.

6 Do not add to the information

Keep the information as close to and as raw as you experienced it in your mind. It is easy to add extra thinking on top. This will change the nature of the communication and it will not be so accurate.

Animal communication is a very natural way to share understanding with each other. It enhances your relationship dramatically with the animal around you and is worth exploring if you care about animals. If there are any questions you would like answered please feel free to contact us.


Animal Care, The Artichoke Patch And Finding The Present Moment.

by Shelley Slingo

At a time when the business and commercial worlds are in states of flux, we find more attention and importance being directed towards the relationship of animals in our lives, animal care and human care and how that can lead to an understanding of our inner selves. More scientific studies are being explored re the healing effects animals have on humans. And discussing this from the platform of animal communication is understanding of oneself is a fascinating topic.

We have lived alongside animal on earth for many years. Our roles have adapted and changed with the times. Animals are no longer are our transport, our hunter/hunted food source we now have a multi-national farming industry. Though they are still on a personal level, members of our family, our protectors and our companions. The stress of living on humans, both physically, emotionally and spiritually has quadrupled in the past fifty years. Therefore our animals now respond different to our needs as our roles have changed..

Is it because animals offer us the unconditional love and unity that is missing in our modern world. Are we sharing more with the animals in our lives in the present moment than the humans in our lives’? Do our relationships with animals mean more; feel more because of this fact. Is this why so much energy goes into making sure these relationships we have are peaceful, why animal care is often higher than human care.

Is this why so much energy and effort goes into good animal care to ensure these relationships are peaceful and trusting, why animal care is often higher than human care. Because animal affect our quality of life. Is there a deeper connection, do we share a non verbal communication with them. Do we have inter species communication, is this a possibility. An animal communicator, animal psychic, animal whispers would say yes. Possibly even the older farmers with bonds with there animals would also agree with this statement. On prime time BBC television we can watch the dogs whisperer and in most daily papers you will find an amazing story of an animal/ human relationships.

A point of view which explains why we give so much time, money and energy to animal care, is that they slow us down and stop us from living so fast. They give us the things that our fast internet connections, or broadband speed packages can’t, our mobile GPS packages can’t. Peace of mind, a smile, a shared moment, the ability to be present, our connection to nature and our understanding of ourselves in the scheme of our spiritual beliefs.

How does animal communication lead us to living in the present moment? To being more creative in our human lives. When Matisse the artist, was asked how he kept his sense of creativity in times of trouble, he commented that he spent ten minutes a day sitting in his artichoke patch. How he coped with the pressure was finding his sense of presence by observing the growth of leaves. Being in the moment for some part of his day aided his creativity in life. So we all need to find our artichoke patch, and often it is the animals in our daily lives that lead us to our patch.

If animals are the link for humans to action ideas, the link for healing and happiness, the link for the present moment then animal care is the way forward. This is why learning animal communication is a light bulb moment for many humans, it is a crossroad of understandings, a reminder of how to find your artichoke patch.

If we look at any of the great spiritual teaching, from any religion or discipline, they all point to a similar objective, to have peaceful thoughts, to live a simple healthy life, and to live in the present moment. Therefore the more attention we pay to animal care, the more attention we pay to ourselves. The more therapy we use for them, indirectly the more therapy we use for us. Animal Care is Human care, and animal communication is also the ability to communicate with the human.


Animals Have A Purpose. You Can Learn What This Purpose Is Through Animal Communication.

by Soo Winter

We are considered a nation of animal lovers, and as a country we spend thousands of pounds each year on their care. We pay out for vet’s visits, training and diets, but do we love our animals enough to listen to them? Through animal communication you can learn to do this. You can talk to the animals and ask them their opinions. Animal communication is a very natural connection.

If one partner in a marriage did all the talking and yet never considered the other’s opinion, never stopped to ask or listen, that marriage would rapidly head for the divorce courts. Surely our relationship with our animals should be a two-way partnership too?

Animals are not here just to feed us, clothe us or amuse us. Our pets too have their purposes, their roles in our lives to fill, and it’s not always simply just to keep us company.

By practicing animal communication you can get in touch with their feelings and thoughts and then a real partnership develops. You can ask them what do they require of you. What are their needs and preferences; you can even reach a mutual agreement in a problem area.

One of my dogs refused to come back at the end of a walk no matter what I did. When I started to learn animal communication I simply told her how annoying it was. If she still refused to come when the walk was over then she wasn’t going to go out again! Thankfully she listened, but in order for our partnership to really flourish I’ve had to listen to her needs too.

We are fascinated by animals and visit zoos, wildlife centres and avidly watch nature programmes on the TV. We have found ways to work with the animals in various therapies. They are calling to us, but how many of us are really listening?

Our emotions are lifted by our dogs’ greetings, by the sound of bird song and the breath- taking sight of a buzzard mastering the skies. We are aware of the animals and a deep fascination is developing, but what about their thoughts and feelings? What do they require of us?

Animal communication is being taken seriously by many people now, but there should be more of us listening to our animals and valuing the lessons they have come here to teach us. Through animal communication you too can learn how to talk with your animals, and your life will be enriched by these amazing creatures’ answers

‘Ask the beasts and they shall teach ye.’ Job Twelve. Verse Seven.


Is Animal Communication Possible?

by Soo Winter

Having grown up around animals I always enjoyed their company. My Nan’s dog Wolf was my brother, my playmate, my protector and I spent hours simply just being with him. I was always safe with Wolf and I knew we understood each other, but I was never aware of communicating with him. Animal communication in those days was an unbelievable concept.

By the age of 10 I was convinced you really could talk to the animals. My bond with them was so close, and I knew they understood me. Having watched the original Dr. Doolittle film staring Rex Harrison, I was convinced I was right.

I made up my mind there and then that this is what I was going to do when I grew up. I imagined a wonderful life talking to the animals, sharing their problems and making their lives better. It was going to be fantastic!

Sadly my hopes were dashed when I shared my ideals with my dad. He looked rather dismayed when he told the film was only a story, not real at all. No one can truly talk to the animals, and they certainly can’t hear them.

This angered and upset me but at the age of 10 you don’t question your parents. Happily many years later, when I had already over turned many of my parents’ ideals, a troubled border collie called Sullivan took charge.

I sat there one night stroking him, talking gently, wondering what to do, when I was suddenly flooded with images; pictures of where Sullivan was born, the state of his mother and how severe his illness was. I then heard the words, ‘I’ve come to help you.’

It didn’t hit me at first that I was communicating with my dog; all I was aware of was his illness and sadness. I was also puzzled. How could he help me? I was supposed to be helping him!

As the weeks passed it became obvious that Sullivan had come to help me learn animal communication. He had somehow got through my doubts and spoke to me. Bless him! Having realised my dream was within my grasp, I took my animal communication studies seriously. I now speak dog, cat, horse, rabbit and fish and I don’t need the stethoscope!


Does Your Animal Have A Purpose? Find Out By Learning Animal Communication.

by Soo Winter

Does your animal have a job? Through animal communication you can learn what role he is playing in your life, what job he has, or what job he would like.

Animals’ needs are as complex as ours. They need food, water, shelter, love and a purpose. Many of us can sympathise with job losses in recession- hit Britain, but have you considered that our animals can sometimes feel redundant too?

Sometimes there are problems in a multi-animal household. This can be through jealousy or clashes in personality, but sometimes it is simply because an animal is feeling redundant. All the other jobs have been taken and he needs to feel important too.

Through learning animal communication you can help them. By talking directly with your animals, sharing their thoughts and feelings, you can identify any needs that need addressing. You might be surprised at what advice you receive about your own life too!

They might have a seemingly smaller role like being your comforter; whenever you are upset it is their job to bring you affection or make you smile again. But perhaps it is more complex than that?

Don’t forget to thank them, even if you are not sure of their job. Animals thrive on praise as much as we do. Thank you dog for making you laugh, your cat for his affection and your budgie for brightening your day.

Sometimes their roles are more complex and once you start to learn animal communication you might be surprised at their jobs. My daughter has a rabbit who vetted all her boyfriends. He refused to let any of them pick him up until she found the right guy! He made his opinions very obvious by knocking down the previous boyfriend’s picture and even urinating on it when my daughter refused to listen!

Animal communication opens up your world. It’s like a light bulb going on. Suddenly your animal’s behaviour and antics make sense, and if they have been trying to get your attention by acting up, you’ll find that once you listen to them, the unwanted behaviour stops. Animal communication is a blessing for you, your animals, the whole family and one I believe we should all accept with open arms.