Why Using Animal Communication Can Produce Fantastic Results With Your Dog Training

by James French

There are literally thousands of dog training manual and courses on the market and its hard to know which way to go. There is a very natural way for you to work with your dog that brings you closer together using animal communication. With good communication it does not matter what dog training method you use as you will naturally find the true path.

If you have ever felt that your dog is not listening to you or that horrible embarrassment when your dog does something anti social and you have no control and just end up hopelessly calling and shouting. Meanwhile the whole park is staring at you because they can all hear you and still your dog treats you like the invisible person?

Out come all those secret dog training skills that you have been working on. The pack leader stance, sharp hand signal, the food distraction. They all mould into one and instead of bringing him or her back into control the only thing that you achieve is create great entertainment of the other dog walkers.

With the right heart I believe that all dog owners want the best relationship with their pet. They want their dog to be happy and yes well-behaved. There is a very special bond between a dog and human that is laced in unconditional love, compassion and companionship. This is why persons best friend is dog!

The key to any good worthwhile relationship is communication. In the animal world communication is relative to the feelings that you share with each other. So how much do you really understand your dogs feelings and if we want them to listen to us does this not mean that we have to listen to them first? Does it sound like we are entering a therapy session, good because animals have feelings too.

How can you make this work for your dog human relationship? By learning to give your dog full attention on a feeling level you will be able to share detailed communication with them and this opens up a whole new level of understanding

What does feeling them in detail actually mean? You will be able to fully feel exactly how your dog is both emotionally and also physically. It is not true that only some people can do this, everyone can communicate in this way easily

Learning animal communication is easy and so effective in helping people improve their dog training skills. The side effect is that you will have a much closer relationship and understanding for each other. It really is worth looking


Training Animals Needs A Trusting Relationship!

by James French

We humans have so many different ideas and beliefs when it comes to animal training. There are the old school methods, which recognises that us humans are far better than animals. This way can be aggressive as the animal must do as they are told.

Then there is the complete opposite, where the human is letting their animals do as they please even when the behaviour is is clearly out of place. Usually with the pretense that they love their animals too much to correct them.

Between these two examples there are many variations. So where do we find the right way of training our animals? A place where the animals and the humans get what they need from the relationship?

Looking at the two opposites, what can we see regarding the animals emotional welfare.

This hard approach has the animal responding through a fear aspect. They will do what is being asked in the fear of the consequence of not doing it. You can clearly see this in the repressed overly submissive behaviour.

When we train horses in this way they are not relaxed and their movement is jumpy, there minds are far too busy thinking of what might go wrong to be able to full concentrate on what is being asked.

The opposite can be just as emotional, with no guidance, they are left with too much responsibility. When they do not know what to do in a situation they are responding through their fear rather than learning from the human. Long term lack of confidence with extreme cases in dogs can showing aggressive and protective behaviour.

Again the mind of this animal is very busy and the result of a fast mind again results in a lack of emotional balance.

Below is a video showing a balanced way to help animals find peace of mind. This creates trust between the animal and the human and develops a meaningful relationship.

[Training Animals With Trust]

When you have a relationship with an animal based on a feeling of trust then you have that special balance. Then there is no need to shout or be aggressive with your animal training, it would make no sense. With trust the human naturally finds the balance where they can help and teach their animal with no fears.

When you are trust worthy in the eyes of your animal then they naturally listen to you for guidance and are ready to learn.

Animal training is making a huge shift forward by a small majority of dog trainers and horses trainers that are here to show another way. It is not the animals that need to change, it is us!


How Animal Communication Changed My Life And Enhanced My Dog Training!

by Rebecca Lowe

My own Border Collie cross Badger taught me the importance of combining dog training and animal communication. Dog training on it’s own was not enough for this little girl (or us), animal communication quite literally saved her life. This is the story of our journey to discovering this.

Life had become settled and dare I say boring so to spice things up a little we decided to look into getting a puppy! We read dog training manual after dog training manual and the day eventually arrived when we felt we had read enough and we were ready to go get one!

As soon as Badger arrived we started the training. Firstly, we tried treat training and she picked up all the usual commands with ease: sit, down, leave, drop and paw. We could also take away a toy when she was playing with it and put a hand in her bowl when she was eating. I wanted to ensure that we were the dog trainer and she wasn’t the human trainer!

5 weeks later it all changed. This little puppy was showing me her teeth if I went near her bowl, toy or bone – what happened to our wonderful and carefully planned dog training?

The problem went from bad to worse; the showing of teeth happened more and more often until she bit me. This was not only aimed at me but also my husband and anyone she came into contact with. Our not so little puppy was now people and dog aggressive, possessive of her toys and guarded her food. She would also lay in her bed, curled up into a small ball and stare at us. What was she trying to tell us?

Life became very limited to say the least. We could not trust her in any situation any more and the invitations to friends and families with the dogs dwindled to nothing, too many people were understandably now frightened of her. No-one to look after her so that we could have a holiday, days out were limited to a few hours. We were at a total loss as to what to, we could no longer get through to her and we felt she was out of control I guess we all were by this time.

Dog trainer after dog trainer, behaviourist after behaviourist, they all came and went with their various techniques and methods to overcome her problems – nothing worked at all and at 1 year old she was now a fully grown dog in size. This feeling of hopelessness was totally suffocating, we had no idea what to do or where to turn to next.

Life by this time was so incredibly limited, we could not simply sit by and wait for something to happen. We could not understand our dog’s unpredictable behaviour. What options were left to us? If we had tried to re-home her she would never have left the dog shelter. We were eventually advised it may be best to put her to sleep.

We loved this dog and could not simply give up on her. A friend had recently had some great success with her own dogs using an Animal Communicator so sceptically we decided to give it a go we had nothing to loose any more.

Desperate for our questions to be answered we contacted the recommended Animal Communicator – James French and waited for the insight and understanding of our dog that we so craved.

Our life’s were saved! This may sound a dramatic statement but our life’s really were saved Badgers and ours! James gave us the insight we needed to eventually start to move forward. He told us what motivated her, what she needed and actually what she didn’t need!

After all this time we learned that our dog was not aggressive she was in constant pain as her digestive system was not processing her food, no wonder she didn’t like being touched and was so body sensitive.

She also had extreme anxiety whilst being very dominant – a very dangerous combination and for this part we learned that she was my mirror after 3 very long years with Badger I was practically a nervous wreck and was making her so. We had been caught in a vicious circle.

To cut a long story short, we changed her food to a raw food diet and a lot of the undesired behaviour vanished within a few weeks – AMAZING! I then had to change my own behaviours to enable Badger to change hers.

My stressful job was the first thing to go, I suddenly realised the feeling I had with the Badger situation was the exact same feeling I had when I though about my job. The next change was actually making time for myself this did not include ironing whilst watching the TV, this was not chilling out! And then to my final decision to train to become an Animal Communicator, how many dogs and their owners were suffering like we were? I had to get out there and help.

If our own dog had been placed in rescue she would not have been re-homed or worse still she would have been put to sleep. How many dog owners out there were suffering like we had? How many dogs were dumped at rescue centres never to be re-homed or put to sleep simply because they do not have a voice and cannot be heard?

After numerous exams I am pleased to share with you that I am now a very proud fully qualified Animal Communicator! Dog training is still an everyday occurrence in our household but with the combination of the Animal Communication wow.what an enhancement! If you want to get the most out of training your dog then get the understanding and insight required to make training applicable and fun! Dog training manuals are generic and dogs like people are not, each and every one is totally special and unique. go on I urge you to find out how unique you won’t regret it!