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Animal Communicator Qualification

 Live A Life Full Of Purpose!

Do you have a passion for animals and want to be in a position to really help them and their carers? Are you ready to change some of your work commitments and replace them with work that is full of purpose where you are valued and rewarded for your time and effort?

ACT2 Practitioner program takes any individual who has a desire to really make a positive difference to the lives of both animals and humans and gives them the necessary skills and training to work in a public practice as an animal communicator.

This program has been established since 2005 and is now one of the highest standards attainable in the UK as an Animal Communicator. The program is opened to all levels of communication experience and is a unique in depth year course providing extensive training.

Your current work

what do you really feel about it?

  • Are you in an industry which does not align to your belief system and are working to survive?
  • Are you undervalued, unsatisfied or unfulfilled in your current line of work?
  • Do you shy away from telling others what you do for work out of knowing it is not truthfully you?
  • Are you unhappy with your work environment or people who do not appreciate you?
  • Do you think about choosing a new vocation and have been browsing for sometime?
  • Do you feel trapped in the structure of 9 to 5 work and retirement at 65?

Working with animals and people

  • Is rewarding, honest, self fulfilling and purposeful, there is an honor of all living beings
  • Wake up looking forward to your working day and to sharing your knowledge!
  • The flexibility to work world wide from your home office. Phone consultations requires a phone and a photo of the animal, this means you can help people from the other side of the world, or even you could be the other side of the world!!
  • Be your own manager, set you working diary, plan your days. Gain experience and specializations in the wide sphere of animal professions.
  • Be in a position to develop your training. Animal communication can be used with a variety of other therapies to help both the animals and humans. Develop a wholesome toolbox. It is always a fresh new challenge, helping others will in turn help you. There are so many personal lessons and self development in the job spec of an animal communicator.
  • When your motivation in work has the intent of helping others then the finance is a secondary aspect that finds its balance to support you!

Animal Communicator Qualification

9 Steps to becoming an Animal Communicator

Have a look at our 9 steps to becoming a professional animal communicator. These step show each part of the ACT Practitioner program, from start to being an independent insured communicator.

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ACT 2 9 Steps

Animal Communicator Professional

What will you get from the ACT2 Program?

  • A personal development Technique that creates exact states of mind for animal communication and anything else you need peace of mind with!
  • A structure for your consultations which is effective, safe and incredible efficient for truly helping both the animals and people.
  • Confidence with becoming an animal communicator, with the help from animal professionals.
  • Very powerful animal healing communication tools.
  • You will be able to help animals and people with many different areas from bereavement, lost animals, behavioral and physical problems.
  • Group teaching and support and also one to one teaching specifically to help your individual needs.
  • On going support and direction.
  • An experience that is very individual and unique to yourself.
  • Being part of a community that is pioneering a new and exiting way with animals.

Also included with your ACT2

The ACT2 members area

Full of resources and detailed direction to help you from start to finish. This includes, before the weekends, during and also after. Students also become part of the ACT2 community where they can connect with ACT2 students and qualified practitioners.

The ACT1 members area

The ACT1 Audio set and download, including videos from the ACT1 Workshop. This is a very valuable resource and includes the basic communication skills required before attending the ACT2. The members area includes practices areas where students can work with other people who have learned from the ACT1 program.

Free entrance to ACT1 Workshops

After attending the first weekend of the ACT 2 program, students can come on any ACT1 workshop throughout the year. This gives students the opertunity to meet more like minded people and practice communications and hone in their skills.

Words can not truly explain what a profound and natural resource the ACT2 course is. The course was delivered in a grounded, caring and trusting way helping animals and people to reconnect to what has always been there but rarely trusted. The implications of being part of ACT2 is invaluable. Being on the course has opened many life changing doors including being able to truly connect to my own companion animal on a much more loving and understanding level and giving me the confidence to help other animal-human relationships. James and Shelley have made my new journey of self discovery and development a beautiful and trusting experience of which I will never forget.


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All Animal Communication Courses

Learn Animal Communication Online

Animal Communicator Qualification

  • animal communication workshop

Animal Communication Workshop


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 20 reviews

Wow, what a personal journey the ACT 2 course has been for me. I have learnt so much about myself and now I have passed, am in a position now where I can have the confidence to go out into the field and really really help animals as well as their people. I would recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about the well being of animals, and anyone who has an open mind. I have gained so many lifelong friends throughout the program, and have had invites to travel overseas from people kind enough to donate themselves for practices. A huge thanks to James who is a brilliant teacher, it was great to meet someone who is passionate about pioneering a better world for animals and also a huge thank you to Shelley who has been there to pick me up and guide me through the ups and downs. I must also give thanks to my dog Blackie who put me on this path (from rainbow bridge) and also to my dog Billy whose first communication was to tell me I had a cluttered mind (thanks Billly, I now understand what you meant! - now I have done the course I now can control my overactive thinking so thanks to all xxx

by Charlotte Brookes on Animal Communication Training

I have just passed my Act 2 practitioners exams and would like to say a huge thank you to James and Shelley it has been a true honour. What an amazing course, I've enjoyed every moment of it, because this journey has guided me to opened doors to animal and self discovery beyond any other. If you wish to gain a tool box, insight into animal intelligence naturally the Act 2 course is a must, offers you the structure and skills to interact with people and animals to a loving, respectful level, which aims to preserve a wellness far deeper than you can imagine. The two weekends were wonderful, James & Shelley felt like family they were warm, approachable, instructive, guiding, grounded & so much fun. The hotel was lovely and a lot of care was taken to ensure student comfort. It was also an opportunity to meet others who wish to use a peaceful mindset and heart to make a difference.

I recently attended the ACT 2 Practitioners Course.. I must admit I loved it! Many things you learn whilst on the course will help you as an individual on a day to day basis, not just animal communication. Shelley & James are a lovely couple, with great experience & knowledge in their field.. throughout the course I found them down to earth, friendly & approachable. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a love of animals or has a pet & would like to know more about what is going on for them. I thoroughly enjoyed the course & would recommend it to others! (Im looking forward to the TT Practitioners Course when available! hint hint James! ).

by Faye Fletcher on Animal Communication Training

This is one of the most life changing courses I have done. Never expected to be able to start communicating so quickly nor with any accuracy but the way James & Shelley teach it make that possible. The teaching methods are authentic and understandable and the support that is then available after the course gives you great confidence. It has even improved my communications with the human species too ):): What a wonderful friend the animals have in James & Shelley to have made this teaching available to everyone. Do yourself a favour and take the ACT2 course your own animals will love it.

by JeongGeun Mok on Animal Communication Training

I do not know how to Thank both James and Shelley. It was my lifes Journey to attend ACT2 program from Korea to UK. It is not just about being a professional Animal Communicator. It is life Changing Experience and Healing for every body. Especially to me. I cannot imagine the life if I did not attend this program. I just cant thank enough for James and Shelley and everyone in our class. I recommend this program for everybody. and I am happy for everyone who will attend the new ACT2 classes. Blessings from Korea ~

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