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9 Steps to becoming an ACT2 Practitioner



Attend a ACT1 Workshop or work with the CD Set

  • The techniques used in the ACT1 workshop or the CD set are needed for the progression in ACT2. This is the only prerequisite before booking ACT2. Follow these links ACT1 Workshps or the ACT1 Cd Set
  • Please note that the ACT 1 Cd Set and members area comes as part of the ACT 2 program


Confirm your booking and arrange accommodation

  • All places are subject to booking and payment, at the point of booking you will be asked for a non refundable deposit £250.00. You will then be able to arrange your accommodation from the ACT 2 members area. All payments can be made on a monthly plan to help your budgets.


Attend the first weekend

  • Code of conduct – for professional practice
  • Consultation structure – totally geared around helping the animal and human with integrity
  • Definition of animal communication – how to explain animal communication to the public
  • Healing with animal communication – using compassion release


Complete 10 case studies in one month

  • In-between the first and second weekend you will be building your confidence by practicing the consultation structure by completing case studies. You will need to do 10 case studies in this time, these can be friends of friends animals or you can use our forum to request practice consultations.


Attend the second weekend

  • Helping animals to move on
  • Finding lost animals
  • Working through case studies experiences
  • Preparation for exams


Professional case studies

  • Complete four professional case studies over the phone using a photo of the animal. Completed with four different assessors in the areas of Behaviorist, Trainer, Veterinarian and Animal Welfare. Making sure that you achieve above 90% accurate and effective in your communication. You will be working with animals that genuinely need your help.
  • James will work one on one with you at this time. If you do not pass an assessment then James talks you though and gives extra coaching to get your through. There is no limit to the amount of attempts needed to pass each area. During your training you also invited to attend as many ACT1 workshops of your choice as a complimentary guest! ( normally £110.00) to help keep you tuned!


Certificate and Full insurance

  • After passing the four assessments you are rewarded with the ACT2 practitioner certificate.
  • We have a group block Animal Communication scheme with Balens Insurance which provides, comprehensive insurance to cover you on all aspects of both home and phone consultations.
  • We also have a student insurance that covers you during your training period.


Building Business Blocks

  • After qualifying we can assist you with ideas for building your public practice. One of the most import steps at this stage is creating your own marketing material and informing people of your services. We have many options to help build your direction forward, either helping to promote a workshop, running small talks to animal communities, or building online clients through a practitioners web page.


Support and Growth

  • This is not just a course!!! We also work with our practitioners and recognize that growth and development is a shared experience.
  • Animal Communication is not a stationary topic and the learning is all about progression. There is so much for us humans to learn from animals and this gift of communication! The willingness to explore this relationship produces a future of trust and understanding for both animals and people.

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