Are You Hurting Your Animals’ Feelings?

by James French

Animal communication can be a great benefit to all pet owners. The ability to understand your animals feelings and perspective on life will help you create well balanced and happy animals. It can be very easy to observe our animals behaviour and to place our own judgements on why they behave the way they do, but what happens if you are wrong? Animal communication is a way of truly understanding and getting closer to your animal.

Often we can completely miss-judge situation regarding our animals’ behaviour. It is very easy for us people to see a situation and then jump to our own negative conclusions. I am sure that you will agree that there is nothing more hurt full and unfair than someone making judgements about you that are not true!

In one of my sessions I was helping a client who had made one of these judgements about her dog. She had labelled her dog as being a bully. This conclusion was made because her dog was showing friendly signs to younger and gentle dogs but when she got close to them she would turn and snap at them with an aggressive force.

Yet her dogs behaviour with nervous or protective dogs was very different. She would not go anywhere near them.

With animal communication we soon discovered that she was not a bull at all. Far from it her problem was that she was afraid of intimacy! She was also very good at reading other dogs character and this is why she did not want anything to do with the nervous or protective dogs. She was actually desperate to make friends with other dogs and this was why she was choosing the younger and gentle dogs.

This feeling of wanting to be close, changed as soon as her nose got to close to another dogs. Replaced with this feeling of intense shyness and protection.

This new information was so different to what the owner thought was happening with her dogs social skills. That it allowed us to have a completely new approach, focused on helping her to overcome her shyness. Her dog was so keen to make friends that it made the process very effective when everyone was coming from the same perspective.

When we communicate clearly with our animals it gives a greater understanding. This is turn gives us the power to really help them. If you find your self repeatedly asking the question why do they do this or that? Then there is a high possibility that you are not understanding where they are really coming from.

Animal communication creates a deeper relationship this is the same for humans too! When we find some one that understands us more we naturally trust them more and become closer to them. This is the same with your animals and the more they trust you the greater the relationship for everyone! Animal communication is a very natural form of communication that anyone can learn.


Animal Communication Is The Healthy Way

by James French

The simple answer would be that animal communication helps our animals to be physically fit and emotionally balanced. This article however is not about the animal its about how animal communication can help the human!

Good animal communicators are so because they have learnt how to calm and still their minds. This is the key to accurate communication.

We can only truly put our feeling attention towards an animal to communicate with them when our own minds are still. In what way can this be healthy for us?

Our own thinking can seriously effect our health. When we creating negative thoughts and feelings this damages our being. Science would describe this as stress having a direct impact on our immune systems.

So how can animal communication benefit our health on these thought levels? Simply because getting into the practice of stilling our minds or calming our emotional thinking is living a calmer life. This calm feeling means that we are wearing less tension in our bodies.

Think about it in this way, If you have 300 stress filled thoughts a day. In your practice of animal communication you reduce these by 150 then you are going to be twice as relaxed as you were before and this is going to effect your health!

When we train people in the art of animal communication we have noticed that it is not just the ability of communication that they learn. They also change as people and become more relaxed and calmer all round.

I like to describe this in the way that when we have our full attention to another being we are in a selfless state. But when we are caught up in our own emotional thinking then this is more of a selfish state!

Want to lead a healthier life style then you have to have a healthier mind. Learning animal communication is not only for having that deeper connection with animals!


Animal Communication 6 Steps To making It Work

by James French

Animal Communication is a learnt skill that makes it possible for a human to understand animals thoughts and feelings in detail. Just like having a conversation with a person but with out the words! Animal communication is the connecting to animal on a feeling level where we can understand their emotions and physical states.

Understand how you can use this heart felt language by following the 6 simple steps below.

1 You have to be willing to give it a go!

If you really do not believe that it is possible then your mind will be questioning the communication even before you start. Your doubts will be much louder than the animals feeling and you will not make a clear connection.

2 Quieten your mind

Every thought that we have creates a specific feeling! To be able to pick up on another beings thoughts we must quieten down our own first. Other wise we will only be focused on our own mind and feelings and not theirs.

3 Focus you attention on the animal

Animal communication it is all about unity, you literally place your feeling attention with the animal and at that point your feelings become one. Your attention must be with the animal with no thoughts about your self.

4 You need to ask questions

Connecting to the animals feeling using your full attention means that on a deeper level you will be linked into all the information about that animal. We can not take all this information in on a conscious level as it would be far too overwhelming. By asking questions this acts like a filter where that specific detail can be moved to our conscious mind.

5 Be aware of how the information is delivered

Your mind will pick up the feeling from the animal automatically and start making sense of it. This is where you may experience having images, sounds, touch, smell or taste. but the sensations are subtle they are more like memories.

6 Keep the information clear

Do not change any of the information you receive by adding extra thinking to it. Keep it exactly as you imagined it at the time of communication and your communication will be very accurate.

The feeling language of animal communication is easy to tap into as it uses skills that us human are using every day. This connection really develops your relationship with your animals and any other animal that you wish to get closer to. We are happy for you to contact us regarding any questions on animal communication.


How Can Living In The Present Moment An Artichoke Patch And Animal Care Link.

by Shelley Slingo

We are at and interesting time in our modern society, where the business and commercial worlds are in a state of flux, and we are paying more attention to our inner selves and state of mind than in times before. Within this realm is the relationship to animals that we humans have created, and how they link us to our inner selves. Animal Care and the relationship of animal communication is a fascinating subject

Animals have been our transport, our food, our clothing, our protectors and our companions. They have been in our lives from day dot, as something humans have lived alongside on this earth. But in the modern world animals roles have changed. In the modern world the stress of living on a human, both physically, emotionally and spiritually has quadrupled in the past fifty year. So why are more people turning to animals and the care of animals to find there sense of self.

Animals can be our partners, our children, our teachers and healers. They give us reason to rise and reach out to us, with the unconditional love and unity that is missing in our modern human world. This is why more people are turning to animals and the care of animals to find there sense of self. As when we allow ourselves to be taken out of our worlds and into theirs, into nature, into moments of peace where we relax and de-stress. We also find the present moment.

Is this why so much energy and effort goes into good animal care to ensure these relationships are peaceful and trusting, why animal care is often higher than human care. Because animal affect our quality of life. Is there a deeper connection, do we share a non verbal communication with them. Do we have inter species communication, is this a possibility. An animal communicator, animal psychic, animal whispers would say yes. Possibly even the older farmers with bonds with there animals would also agree with this statement. On prime time BBC television we can watch the dogs whisperer and in most daily papers you will find an amazing story of an animal/ human relationships.

Why is it so modernly accepted, because on one level we are forced to speed up to survive and exist, yet on another level we are forced to find ways to slow down to survive and exist. Each have equal merit, yet innately it is often our animals which are showing us the ways and actions to be present. The best animal care and human care is the ability to be present and in the now moment connected with your animal. A walk in a sunny field with your dog, or a ride on a horse down a speckled path, or a soft rub of fur on our legs, and we can become mindless or thoughtless in seconds. We are reminded of the language of feelings we are born with and animal communication can help re-discover this language.

Learning how to communication with animals, has similarity to the story of the Artichoke Patch. When the famous artist Matisse, was asked how he maintained his sense of creativity, he commented that he spent ten minutes a day sitting in his artichoke patch. How he coped with the pressure was finding his sense of presence.. Being in the moment for some part of his day allowed his creativity for his art to grow. So we all need to find our artichoke patch, so our creativity can grow and it is often our animals which show us the path.

If animals are the link for humans to action ideas, the link for healing and happiness, the link for the present moment then animal care is the way forward. This is why learning animal communication is a light bulb moment for many humans, it is a crossroad of understandings, a reminder of how to find your artichoke patch.

Most of the major religions or spiritual teachings, aim for a similar outcome as Matisse. Peace of mind. Peace of mind is obtainable through having peaceful thoughts and not too many of them. A little bit like the contented cat with a full tummy purring. Therefore the more attention we pay to animal care, the more attention we pay to ourselves. If your animal is not peaceful then animal communication can re-balance your relationship. Is it animal care or human care that is needed as who is not living in the present moment?


Animals Have A Purpose. Animal Communication Can Reveal What That Purpose Is.

by Soo Winter

We are considered a nation of animal lovers, and as a country we spend thousands of pounds each year on their care. We pay out for vet’s visits, training and diets, but do we love our animals enough to listen to them? Through animal communication you can learn to do this. You can talk to the animals and ask them their opinions. Animal communication is a very natural connection.

Many years ago animals were considered as lesser beings, purely for our pleasure or profit, and completely devoid of feelings or emotions. Thankfully that barbaric attitude has changed somewhat and yet they are still brutally tortured in the name of science or the food industry, so perhaps things have not changed so very much!

They are our equals, our brothers and sisters that coexist on the planet with us. Earth is not ours merely our home, it is the animals’ home too and they respect it far more than we do.

When we borrow an item from a friend don’t we return it in the same condition in which we received it in? Surely the same should be said for our planet? It is not ours, we are its guardians, and as its custodians we should be protecting and nurturing it and everyone on it, including the animals. They have great gifts to share with us.

One of my dogs refused to come back at the end of a walk no matter what I did. When I started to learn animal communication I simply told her how annoying it was. If she still refused to come when the walk was over then she wasn’t going to go out again! Thankfully she listened, but in order for our partnership to really flourish I’ve had to listen to her needs too.

Animals are good for you! Science has proved that just the act of stroking a pet can reduce our blood pressure. We have invented animal therapy, guide dogs for the blind, deaf and disabled, just to mention a few ways the animals help us. These are great gifts, but they do have far more to offer.

Our emotions are lifted by our dogs’ greetings, by the sound of bird song and the breath- taking sight of a buzzard mastering the skies. We are aware of the animals and a deep fascination is developing, but what about their thoughts and feelings? What do they require of us?

Animal communication is being taken seriously by many people now, but there should be more of us listening to our animals and valuing the lessons they have come here to teach us. Through animal communication you too can learn how to talk with your animals, and your life will be enriched by these amazing creatures’ answers

‘Ask the beasts and they shall teach ye.’ Job Twelve. Verse Seven.


Can We Really Communicate With Our Animals?

by Soo Winter

Having grown up around animals I always enjoyed their company. My Nan’s dog Wolf was my brother, my playmate, my protector and I spent hours simply just being with him. I was always safe with Wolf and I knew we understood each other, but I was never aware of communicating with him. Animal communication in those days was an unbelievable concept.

By the age of 10 I was convinced you really could talk to the animals. My bond with them was so close, and I knew they understood me. Having watched the original Dr. Doolittle film staring Rex Harrison, I was convinced I was right.

I made up my mind there and then that this is what I was going to do when I grew up. I imagined a wonderful life talking to the animals, sharing their problems and making their lives better. It was going to be fantastic!

Sadly my hopes were dashed when I shared my ideals with my dad. He looked rather dismayed when he told the film was only a story, not real at all. No one can truly talk to the animals, and they certainly can’t hear them.

I grew up a little sadder and more disillusioned. I was never aware of talking to the animals but I knew they were far more intelligent than most people gave them credit for. I became aware of their feelings and emotions and secretly hoped that maybe Heaven was a place where we could all communicate with the animals. Maybe the magic existed there.

Happily, Heaven came to me, though not in a way I expected. Sullivan my young border collie became extremely ill. His behaviour changed and I was at my wits end of what to do for the best. Sitting quietly with him one evening he showed me pictures of his illness and told me that he had come to help me.

I was communicating with my dog! Dear little Sullivan had had such an impact on my life he had started me on the path of being an animal communicator. This was his purpose in life, to push through my doubts and show me the truth.

So I started my training as an animal communicator and it opened up my world. My dream came true all thanks to Sullivan, the dog who proved that animal communication is real, and I could do it!


Does Your Animal Have A Purpose? Find Out By Learning Animal Communication.

by Soo Winter

Animals like us need a purpose in life. They love to help us, and through learning animal communication and conversing with your animal you can find out what their purpose is.

In a multi-animal house there are sometimes problems for all sorts of reasons; a clash in personalities, a squabble over the favorite chair or have you considered a feeling of redundancy? Have all the best jobs gone? Does the newest addition feel left out?

Their jobs may be as simple as cheering you up, encouraging you to go for a walk, or interrupting you work. Yes this is a job too. Your pet is asking you to lighten up, take it easy and have some fun.

Your animal might pick his own job and simply get on with it, but sometimes they need our help in suggesting a role for them. Look at their personality, their preferences. It’s no good asking a timid dog to guard the house. He will only get stressed.

Many animals choose their own jobs and simply get on with it, sometimes in ways that aren’t obvious to us. Watch them, be aware of their behaviour and patterns and you’ll soon identify some of their jobs.

Watch your animals. You will see clues in their behaviour. Does your dog interrupt you, insisting it’s time for a game? This isn’t for his benefit, it’s for yours! He’s telling you to lighten up, take some time out and have some fun.

Does one particular animal always appear when you are feeling down? Then this is your comforter! Another might encourage you to get some fresh air, or make you laugh, or simply be an unselfish companion who loves you unconditionally. Thank them, for they take their jobs seriously and, like us, they will blossom with praise.

Animals have a role in big or small ways and our pets are no exception. Through learning animal communication you will not only enrich their lives by listening to their needs, your own life will be enriched too. Animal communication will strengthen the bond between you both and a greater understanding will exist, one of many mutual benefits.