Animal Communication Consultation

ACT2 Practitioners

The ACT2 practitioners have trained to a high standard. To pass as a ACT practitioner they have had to pass the exams with the professional panel. The panel members are highly regarded professionals from different animal disciplines these include vets, behaviorist, trainers and animal welfare. ACT has created a standard that can be relied on for the public practice of animal communication. The ACT 2 practitioners are independent communicators who have been recognised for their accuracy and effectiveness.

A Consultation

The practitioner makes a connection using a photo of your animal before you call for the consultation. After sharing the connection with you (your animals character and maybe physical aspects) they will ask you if it is a good connection before the consultation starts. This will highlight that the practitioner has a good communication with your animal. Only if you agree will the consultation then take place. During the consultation you can explain where you need help and the practitioner will work with both you and your animal at the same time to resolve issues and help bring more understanding about your animals views and opinions. Think of this as a three way communication between you, your animal and the practitioner.

Please note consultations can either be over the phone / Skype or in person as a home visit.

ACT2 Practitioner Listing

Choose an animal communicator below and visit their personal pages. Please note the below listing of Practitioners are trained in Animal Communication not Level 1 Trust Technique.


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Name Location Date passed Lost Animals Visit Page
Aurelia Emma Sutton Coldfield 27/01/2009 click here
Austin Esther London 21/01/2016 Yes click here
Baker Lisa Wales 23/03/2009 Yes click here
Barratt Wendy Leeds 13/04/2007 click here
Booth Caroline Cheshire 25/07/2007 Yes click here
Brock-Southon Carmen South London 01/05/2015 Yes click here
Brookes Charlotte Peterborough 17/03/2015 Yes click here
Brunton John Scotland 16/02/2016 Yes click here
Clements Christine Surrey 01/12/2008 click here
Corbett Nicola Somerset 11/04/2012 click here
Fletcher Faye Australia 07/02/2014 click here
Forrest Samantha Bristol 06/05/2008 click here
Freeman- Evu Rebekah Kent 06/05/2008  Yes click here
Gardiner Vivien Surrey 20/12/2015 click here
Gardner Annette West Sussex 12/06/2012 click here
Gillings Val Carmarthenshire 05/03/2015 click here
Haines Joanne Wales 15/07/2014 click here
Hicks Rowena Bristol 24/11/2015 click here
Hornett Kerry Devon 14/06/2006 click here
Jones Kate Shropshire 06/07/2006 click here
Meads Julia Buckinghamshire 16/07/2006 click here
Miller Melanie Bedfordshire 30/04/2016 click here
Moir Jenny Berkshire 12/01/2009 Yes click here
Mustchin Vanessa Surrey 18/02/2011 Yes click here
Pataudi Dilara Berkshire 26/02/2014 Yes click here
Redman Val Colchester 11/08/2008 click here
Roebuck Janine London 07/01/2010 click here
Rose Patsyann Nottinghamshire 07/05/2009 Yes click here
Schweizer Gill Kent 04/05/2013 click here
Senior Avis Lincolnshire 02/12/2012 click here
Seymour Deborah Somerset 26/02/2012 click here
Southcott Louise London 12/04/2013  click here
Sprackling Louise Berkshire 27/04/2011 click here
Stevens Becs Norwich 26/04/2010 click here
Versis Viv Somerset 17/03/2011 click here
Walsh Sue Surrey 18/06/2007 click here
Wells Natalie East Sussex 15/01/2012 click here
Woods Vanessa London 12/11/2010 click here
Wood Swanepoel Millie London 15/10/2007 click here