Animal Communication is a learnt skill that makes it possible for a human to understand animals thoughts and feelings in detail. Just like having a conversation with a person but with out the words! Animal communication is the connecting to animal on a feeling level where we can understand their emotions and physical states.

Understand how you can use this heart felt language by following the 6 simple steps below.

1 You have to be willing to give it a go!

If you really do not believe that it is possible then your mind will be questioning the communication even before you start. Your doubts will be much louder than the animals feeling and you will not make a clear connection.

2 Quieten your mind

Every thought that we have creates a specific feeling! To be able to pick up on another beings thoughts we must quieten down our own first. Other wise we will only be focused on our own mind and feelings and not theirs.

3 Focus you attention on the animal

Animal communication it is all about unity, you literally place your feeling attention with the animal and at that point your feelings become one. Your attention must be with the animal with no thoughts about your self.

4 You need to ask questions

Connecting to the animals feeling using your full attention means that on a deeper level you will be linked into all the information about that animal. We can not take all this information in on a conscious level as it would be far too overwhelming. By asking questions this acts like a filter where that specific detail can be moved to our conscious mind.

5 Be aware of how the information is delivered

Your mind will pick up the feeling from the animal automatically and start making sense of it. This is where you may experience having images, sounds, touch, smell or taste. but the sensations are subtle they are more like memories.

6 Keep the information clear

Do not change any of the information you receive by adding extra thinking to it. Keep it exactly as you imagined it at the time of communication and your communication will be very accurate.

The feeling language of animal communication is easy to tap into as it uses skills that us human are using every day. This connection really develops your relationship with your animals and any other animal that you wish to get closer to. We are happy for you to contact us regarding any questions on animal communication.