We first encountered animal communication when we had reached the end of our dog training with our Border Collie Cross Badger. We reached a point when everyday dog training no longer worked with her, this is her story.

I was a normal everyday person and myself and my husband decided that it would be nice to have a puppy to share our life! So armed with various dog training manuals we read and read and read until we were prepared for when puppy arrived.

We put everything we had learned into practice from day 1 and wow was she responsive or were we just that good at it?! She picked up all the usual commands with total ease, this was going to be a breeze.

Approximately 5 weeks later, I didn’t know who this puppy was any more. She certainly wasn’t the cute little thing we picked up who lit up our lives. She had started showing her teeth to me which then went on to snarling if I went near her toys or food. I was distraught, what had happened to us? What had gone so wrong?

The problem went from bad to worse; the showing of teeth happened more and more often until she bit me. This was not only aimed at me but also my husband and anyone she came into contact with. Our not so little puppy was now people and dog aggressive, possessive of her toys and guarded her food. She would also lay in her bed, curled up into a small ball and stare at us. What was she trying to tell us?

As a result of her behaviour, we were banned from our own family and friend’s houses as Badger’s behaviour was just too unpredictable. We were not able to go on holiday or even go out for a whole day or overnight stay, as we could not allow a dog walker in to our house. We took her to additional dog training but still nothing worked

Various techniques and methods were used by the numerous Trainers and Behaviourists we consulted. Nothing worked, in fact if anything they made her worse. She was now aged 1 and fully grown, what a hopeless situation, where did we go from here? What next.. anything?

By now life for all of us was very stressful. Did we just learn to live with this? Was it just ‘in’ her? We just didn’t understand her or her unsociable behaviour and one thing was for sure we could not sit and wait for the dreaded day when something serious would happen, we would never have forgiven ourselves. We looked at re-homing but she would never have actually left the rescue centre as she had already bitten. Should we take the advice that the kindest thing for her would be to put her to sleep.?

Around this time, a friend had consulted an Animal Communicator and had had some very good results with her own dogs. Nothing else had worked to this point but we decided to contact an Animal Communicator in one last ditch attempt.

Desperate for our questions to be answered we contacted the recommended Animal Communicator – James French and waited for the insight and understanding of our dog that we so craved.

Well, what can I say, simply life changing for all of us! This may seem like I have jumped rather quickly to a happy ending but this is quite simply what happened! James gave us the insight we so desperately needed and the understanding that was required to move forward. He told us what she needed and quite frankly what she did not need!

After all this time we learned that our dog was not aggressive she was in constant pain as her digestive system was not processing her food, no wonder she didn’t like being touched and was so body sensitive.

She also had extreme anxiety whilst being very dominant – a very dangerous combination and for this part we learned that she was my mirror after 3 very long years with Badger I was practically a nervous wreck and was making her so. We had been caught in a vicious circle.

Her food was the first thing we tackled, changing her to a raw food diet and the results were amazing! We knew it was going to be a long road to total recovery but we had made a step forward and boy were we excited! And now on to me gulp, I had to make my own changes but where did I start?

The first thing to go was my very stressful job, the second change was actually the realisation that I didn’t actually have any ‘me’ time at all. My idea of relaxing was to catch up on the ironing whilst watching the TV. The most important decision was deciding that I wanted to train to be an Animal Communicator too, I just had to get out there and help others who had suffered like us.

To think that had Badger been with different owners in all likelihood she would have been dumped at an animal shelter where she would never have been re-homed or even worse, she could have been put to sleep if this was our story how many other dog owners had similar problems? And how many other dogs were needlessly put to sleep?

I am now a fully qualified Animal Communicator and spend my life helping other people and their dogs and it really has taken my own dog training to a whole new level. Where dog training has been unsuccessful for you and your dog, Animal Communication is a MUST.