The simple answer would be that animal communication helps our animals to be physically fit and emotionally balanced. This article however is not about the animal its about how animal communication can help the human!

Good animal communicators are so because they have learnt how to calm and still their minds. This is the key to accurate communication.

We can only truly put our feeling attention towards an animal to communicate with them when our own minds are still. In what way can this be healthy for us?

Our own thinking can seriously effect our health. When we creating negative thoughts and feelings this damages our being. Science would describe this as stress having a direct impact on our immune systems.

So how can animal communication benefit our health on these thought levels? Simply because getting into the practice of stilling our minds or calming our emotional thinking is living a calmer life. This calm feeling means that we are wearing less tension in our bodies.

Think about it in this way, If you have 300 stress filled thoughts a day. In your practise of animal communication you reduce these by 150 then you are going to be twice as relaxed as you were before and this is going to effect your health!

When we train people in the art of animal communication we have noticed that it is not just the ability of communication that they learn. They also change as people and become more relaxed and calmer all round.

I like to describe this in the way that when we have our full attention to another being we are in a selfless state. But when we are caught up in our own emotional thinking then this is more of a selfish state!

Want to lead a healthier life style then you have to have a healthier mind. Learning animal communication is not only for having that deeper connection with animals!