Can animals talk? Can they really communicate with us? I often wondered about this myself. I grew up surrounded by animals and have always felt a really close bond with them, but to talk to them? Was animal communication possible? I wasn’t sure; it all seemed like realms of fantasy, however enduring.

By the age of 10 I was convinced you really could talk to the animals. My bond with them was so close, and I knew they understood me. Having watched the original Dr. Doolittle film staring Rex Harrison, I was convinced I was right.

I made up my mind there and then that this is what I was going to do when I grew up. I imagined a wonderful life talking to the animals, sharing their problems and making their lives better. It was going to be fantastic!

Sadly my dad didn’t share in my dreams. He was rather perplexed when he told me the film wasn’t real, it was purely a piece of fantasy. You can’t talk to the animals, and they can’t talk to you. After all, they are only animals!

The years passed, I started training as a medium and then Sullivan, a gorgeous border collie, entered my life. He’d had a bad start in life and had been extremely ill. Sadly his illness had started to affect his behaviour.

Sullivan’s long illness had upset the whole family and I was uncertain of the outcome. One night as I sat with him pondering on his future I was suddenly aware of images in my mind; his birth, his mother and his illness.

It didn’t hit me at first that I was communicating with my dog; all I was aware of was his illness and sadness. I was also puzzled. How could he help me? I was supposed to be helping him!

As the weeks passed it became obvious that Sullivan had come to help me learn animal communication. He had somehow got through my doubts and spoke to me. Bless him! Having realised my dream was within my grasp, I took my animal communication studies seriously. I now speak dog, cat, horse, rabbit and fish and I don’t need the stethoscope!