At a time when the business and commercial worlds are in states of flux, we find more attention and importance being directed towards the relationship of animals in our lives, animal care and human care and how that can lead to an understanding of our inner selves. More scientific studies are being explored re the healing effects animals have on humans. And discussing this from the platform of animal communication is understanding of oneself is a fascinating topic.

Animals over the years have had many roles with humans. From transport to protection to companions. In today modern culture it could be said that animal roles have adapted to support humans on more of a healing, caring level. Animals care is a big business, and why? Because animal are showing us how to slow down to be present. Why is it so beneficial to live more in the present moment, because in the last fifty years the stress of living on humans, both physically, emotionally and spiritually has quadrupled.

We have new activities, new sports, new past times, new jobs for animals but basically the gift of just being with them is the most important. The unconditional love and unity that is missing in our modern world is often fulfilled by the relationship we share with our pets. We often spend more time in the present moment with our animals than we do with the humans in our lives’. Because somewhere we know it is good for us. Do our relationships with animals mean more; feel more because of this fact.

Could it be that the relationship we create with our animals, affects the quality of life with create for ourselves. And is there more to our relationship with animals, the sharing of feelings, the depth of communication than we once believed. On page two of most of our daily papers is an emotionally charged article of the touching stories of animals in our lives. In 2009 we are familiar with terms such as animal behaviourists, horse whisperers, dog trainers, animal communicators and the list of current animal therapies in practice just to names a few Tellington Touch, Bowen Therapist, Animal Aromatic’s, McTimmony Chiropractors is widely growing.

Why is it so modernly accepted, because on one level we are forced to speed up to survive and exist, yet on another level we are forced to find ways to slow down to survive and exist. Each have equal merit, yet innately it is often our animals which are showing us the ways and actions to be present. The best animal care and human care is the ability to be present and in the now moment connected with your animal. A walk in a sunny field with your dog, or a ride on a horse down a speckled path, or a soft rub of fur on our legs, and we can become mindless or thoughtless in seconds. We are reminded of the language of feelings we are born with and animal communication can help re-discover this language.

Learning how to communication with animals, has similarity to the story of the Artichoke Patch. When the famous artist Matisse, was asked how he maintained his sense of creativity, he commented that he spent ten minutes a day sitting in his artichoke patch. How he coped with the pressure was finding his sense of presence.. Being in the moment for some part of his day allowed his creativity for his art to grow. So we all need to find our artichoke patch, so our creativity can grow and it is often our animals which show us the path.

If animals are the link for humans to action ideas, the link for healing and happiness, the link for the present moment then animal care is the way forward. This is why learning animal communication is a light bulb moment for many humans, it is a crossroad of understandings, a reminder of how to find your artichoke patch.

Most of the major religions or spiritual teachings, aim for a similar outcome as Matisse. Peace of mind. Peace of mind is obtainable through having peaceful thoughts and not too many of them. A little bit like the contented cat with a full tummy purring. Therefore the more attention we pay to animal care, the more attention we pay to ourselves. If your animal is not peaceful then animal communication can re-balance your relationship. Is it animal care or human care that is needed as who is not living in the present moment?