My own Border Collie cross Badger taught me the importance of combining dog training and animal communication. Dog training on it’s own was not enough for this little girl (or us), animal communication quite literally saved her life. This is the story of our journey to discovering this.

Life had become settled and dare I say boring so to spice things up a little we decided to look into getting a puppy! We read dog training manual after dog training manual and the day eventually arrived when we felt we had read enough and we were ready to go get one!

As soon as Badger arrived we started the training. Firstly, we tried treat training and she picked up all the usual commands with ease: sit, down, leave, drop and paw. We could also take away a toy when she was playing with it and put a hand in her bowl when she was eating. I wanted to ensure that we were the dog trainer and she wasn’t the human trainer!

Approximately 5 weeks later, I didn’t know who this puppy was any more. She certainly wasn’t the cute little thing we picked up who lit up our lives. She had started showing her teeth to me which then went on to snarling if I went near her toys or food. I was distraught, what had happened to us? What had gone so wrong?

The problem went from bad to worse; the showing of teeth happened more and more often until she bit me. This was not only aimed at me but also my husband and anyone she came into contact with. Our not so little puppy was now people and dog aggressive, possessive of her toys and guarded her food. She would also lay in her bed, curled up into a small ball and stare at us. What was she trying to tell us?

Life became very limited to say the least. We could not trust her in any situation any more and the invitations to friends and families with the dogs dwindled to nothing, too many people were understandably now frightened of her. No-one to look after her so that we could have a holiday, days out were limited to a few hours. We were at a total loss as to what to, we could no longer get through to her and we felt she was out of control I guess we all were by this time.