There are literally thousands of dog training manual and courses on the market and its hard to know which way to go. There is a very natural way for you to work with your dog that brings you closer together using animal communication. With good communication it does not matter what dog training method you use as you will naturally find the true path.

If you have ever felt that your dog is not listening to you or that horrible embarrassment when your dog does something anti social and you have no control and just end up hopelessly calling and shouting. Meanwhile the whole park is staring at you because they can all hear you and still your dog treats you like the invisible person?

You decide in panic to throw, all your dog training arsenal at him, the sharp whistle, shake the can to distract him, click the clicker, throw him rewards, wave your hand signals. All that is happening is that you are now giving the park a free circus entertainment show and still no response. Ok so this may be a little extreme but I feel that you know where I am coming from!

Any good minded person wants a relationship with their dog that is caring and has a heart felt closeness. Everyone wants a happy and well-behaved dog! The true dog human relationship is full of joy and fun while wrapped in a blanket of security and devotion. Dogs have an abundance of unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness to share with us.

The key to any good worthwhile relationship is communication. In the animal world communication is relative to the feelings that you share with each other. So how much do you really understand your dogs feelings and if we want them to listen to us does this not mean that we have to listen to them first? Does it sound like we are entering a therapy session, good because animals have feelings too.

So how are you going to make this work for you and your dog? The most natural way to understand your animals feelings in detail is animal communication. When your attention is fully with them then you will share on a whole new level.

What does feeling them in detail actually mean? You will be able to fully feel exactly how your dog is both emotionally and also physically. It is not true that only some people can do this, everyone can communicate in this way easily

Animal communication is so much easier than you maybe thinking and you are only simple steps away from dramatically improving your dog training and developing a deeper and more meaningful relationship, so it really worth looking into!