Animal healing methods in the last 10 years have developed widely. Form the use of older traditional methods such as acupuncture to the newer animal healing methods like the Trust Technique. All the animal healing methods, which there are now hundreds, are helping to balance the animal by working on its energy levels. This article is focused on sharing with you how animal communication can aid any type of animal healing.

Reiki for animals, Spiritual Healing, Body Spin, Body Talk, Bowen for animals, The Trust Technique are just a few of the animal healing techniques out there!

Even though there are many different methods and name for animal healing, they are all working on the same idea. That the animal is a being made up of physical, emotional and spiritual parts. To create true healing then we have to look at the whole picture in a holistic way.

If one of theses areas is out of balance it will affect the other areas. For example the emotion of fear can create tension within the physical parts of any body be this human or animal. Over time this tension can cause all sorts of physical ailments including the internal organs. Clearly the emotional tension or fear needs to be changed, so that it is no longer affecting the body. This is the holistic approach, the ability to look and treat the whole picture.

Animal communication taps into the emotional, physical and spiritual feelings of the animal. This is the reason why it is so beneficial to animal healing.

Communicating with animals is not the same as how we communicate with people. We use a language of words that animals can not copy. What we can share with them is far stronger that this word structure. We share raw feelings with them, for love to fear!

Animal communication adds to animal healing in a variety of ways. The obvious is that when we can feel our animals we get to understand what we can do to help them heal. A bit like us telling the doctor what hurts!. On the other side the empathic stare of communication also supports the animal by being very compassionate. Of course communication is not just a one way process we are not only picking up feelings we can al;so deliver them. When we create a feeling of peace and comfort around our animal this can have a huge effect on their healing.

Communication relates to all the other animal healing methods by creating a strong feeling of trust and understanding between the animal and the human. This is so important because with out this rapport the animal will not be as open to the healing.

When you are working with animal healing it is very important to learn animal communication. You will already be communicating with them its impossible not to! But using animal communication consciously will bring more to your animal healing. The great thing is that it is very easy to learn especially if you are practising healing!

James French is one the pioneering animal communicator in the Europe. Learn how you can use animal communication to benefit animal healing by visiting his website at Animal Communication or Animal Healing.