Does your animal have a job? Through animal communication you can learn what role he is playing in your life, what job he has, or what job he would like.

He may already guard the house, or make you laugh, or bring you comfort when you are lonely, but does he want to do more?

Sometimes there are problems in a multi-animal household. This can be through jealousy or clashes in personality, but sometimes it is simply because an animal is feeling redundant. All the other jobs have been taken and he needs to feel important too.

Sometimes the animals pick their own jobs; sometimes they need our help especially in a multi-dog or cat household. By learning animal communication you can discuss your pets’ needs, thank them for the brilliant job they do, or ask them what job they would like.

Many animals choose their own jobs and simply get on with it, sometimes in ways that aren’t obvious to us. Watch them, be aware of their behaviour and patterns and you’ll soon identify some of their jobs.

In my household we have two rabbits that have counselled my daughters over their love lives, and one of them also gave my daughter creative ideas for her art work. I have a cat who is my path finder (he always knows where we are moving to before I do!) and I have even received the best dental advice I have ever had from our cockatiel!

It’s no joke! Animal communication is a major blessing to any household. The animals and the humans benefit. Through learning this amazing art you can not only appreciate the animals’ gifts and jobs more, you can really help them.

Animal communication opens up your world. It’s like a light bulb going on. Suddenly your animal’s behaviour and antics make sense, and if they have been trying to get your attention by acting up, you’ll find that once you listen to them, the unwanted behaviour stops. Animal communication is a blessing for you, your animals, the whole family and one I believe we should all accept with open arms.