Animal Communication can help pet owners in a number of ways. It will help you to understand and pick up vital information regarding your animals’ health and happiness. Having the ability to feel an animal form their perspective allows us to move from placing our own thoughts and judgements on our animals. Making animal communication a must have tool if you truly care for animals.

Often we can completely miss-judge situation regarding our animals’ behaviour. It is very easy for us people to see a situation and then jump to our own negative conclusions. I am sure that you will agree that there is nothing more hurt full and unfair than someone making judgements about you that are not true!

One of my clients had labelled her dog a bully with other dogs. This had been instigated by the owners observations that when her dog was around other younger or gentle dogs, she was snapping and showing signs of aggression towards them.

The dogs behaviour was totally different to nervous of protective dogs and would bee her distance from them.

Through the animal communication it was clear that she was afraid of intimacy with other dogs! She desperately wanted to be close but did not know how. She was an excellent judge of character and could tell if the dogs were friendly or not at distance. This is why she would only approach the gentle or younger dogs and she was very keen to become friends, but did not know how!

This feeling of wanting to be close, changed as soon as her nose got to close to another dogs. Replaced with this feeling of intense shyness and protection.

This information changed the owners understanding and together we created a whole new approach, focused on helping her dog become intimate with other dogs. She was so desperate to learn how to overcome her shyness and have other dog friends that the task was easy when approached in the right way.

Understanding our animals from this feeling language gives us the power to really help them. If you are still in a place where you keep asking yourself why they are doing this or that. Then you have not found this connection and understanding that your animal is looking for!

Animal communication builds a trusting relationship. It is exactly the same for humans, when we find someone who understands us then it is easy to listen to them and trust them, as we can feel that they are there to help us. Because animal communication is so natural, it is very easy for anyone to learn the skills in a relatively short period of time!