Animal communication can be a great benefit to all pet owners. The ability to understand your animals feelings and perspective on life will help you create well balanced and happy animals. It can be very easy to observe our animals behaviour and to place our own judgements on why they behave the way they do, but what happens if you are wrong? Animal communication is a way of truly understanding and getting closer to your animal.

Often we can completely miss-judge situation regarding our animals’ behaviour. It is very easy for us people to see a situation and then jump to our own negative conclusions. I am sure that you will agree that there is nothing more hurt full and unfair than someone making judgements about you that are not true!

In one of my sessions I was helping a client who had made one of these judgements about her dog. She had labelled her dog as being a bully. This conclusion was made because her dog was showing friendly signs to younger and gentle dogs but when she got close to them she would turn and snap at them with an aggressive force.

Yet her dogs behaviour with nervous or protective dogs was very different. She would not go anywhere near them.

With animal communication we soon discovered that she was not a bull at all. Far from it her problem was that she was afraid of intimacy! She was also very good at reading other dogs character and this is why she did not want anything to do with the nervous or protective dogs. She was actually desperate to make friends with other dogs and this was why she was choosing the younger and gentle dogs.

This feeling of wanting to be close, changed as soon as her nose got to close to another dogs. Replaced with this feeling of intense shyness and protection.

This new information was so different to what the owner thought was happening with her dogs social skills. That it allowed us to have a completely new approach, focused on helping her to overcome her shyness. Her dog was so keen to make friends that it made the process very effective when everyone was coming from the same perspective.

When we communicate clearly with our animals it gives a greater understanding. This is turn gives us the power to really help them. If you find your self repeatedly asking the question why do they do this or that? Then there is a high possibility that you are not understanding where they are really coming from.

Animal communication creates a deeper relationship this is the same for humans too! When we find some one that understands us more we naturally trust them more and become closer to them. This is the same with your animals and the more they trust you the greater the relationship for everyone! Animal communication is a very natural form of communication that anyone can learn.