Humans have so many different opinions when it comes to training animals. There is what is known as the old school training and this is usually based on the idea that we are the superior being and animals had better do as we command or there will be trouble.

Then there is the complete opposite, where the human is letting their animals do as they please even when the behaviour is is clearly out of place. Usually with the pretence that they love their animals too much to correct them.

What happens between these two examples is what makes up the many training methods out there. So what is the right approach that suits both the animals and the humans needs?

Let have a look at these two ways and see what is happening for the animal on an emotional level.

The hard approach is similar to a child who is doing what they are told in the fear of the consequence. This child can be very submissive and show insincere behaviours, finding it hard to express them selves and shows emotional sensitivity.

We can see this with horse training, this type of horse is not relaxed in its work and has jumpy movements. Basically their mind is so busy wondering what is going to happen that they find it hard to be present enough to really hear what is being asked.

Now lets look at the opposite, here is an animal with way too much responsibility. The person is not teaching the animal and this produces a lack of confidence. Dogs with no guidance can become fearful and even over protective. In extreme cases they resort to aggression because they literally don’t know any other way forward.

The same thing is happening in both cases the mind of the animal is too fast and this produces excess levels of emotion.

Below is a video showing a balanced way to help animals find peace of mind. This creates trust between the animal and the human and develops a meaningful relationship.

[Training Animals With Trust]

The special balance needed between an animal and a human is developed through trust. Then the dominant ways are completely pointless as there is a far stronger relationship. This moves the focus from telling the animal to truly teaching the animal.

When you have the trust of your animal it naturally listens to you and will come to you for guidance because you are trust worthy!

The world of animal training is changing as more people discover much more efficient and rewarding ways in working with animals. It is not the animals who need or are going to change this it is us!